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Merkel’s snub and non-snub of Raul Castro

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, left, shakes hands with Cuba's President Raul Castro, right, as dignitaries gather for their group photo at the CELAC-EU summit in Santiago, Chile, Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013. Leaders from the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean gathered in Santiago for the 60-nation, two day economic summit. The Cuban leader will take over the rotating presidency of the CELAC group of countries from Chile's President Sebastian Pinera. (AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano)

The photo above from the Bulgarian News Agency does not look like a snub of Cuban dictator Raul Castro by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Nonetheless, the internet is abuzz with the German leader's apparent side-step to avoid talking to Cuba's tyrannical leader at another function in Chile.

Here is video of the alleged snub:

And at Enrisco, we have a test to determine just what happened between the two of them (my translation):


Angela Merkel ignored and walked right past Raúl Castro because she confused him with:

A: A debt collector from the IMF
B: A waiter who had run out of hors d'oeuvres
C: A coat rack
D: The (Great) Brother
E: A green traffic light
What is clear is that she did not confuse him for a "Yield" or a "School Zone: Reduce Speed" sign.

4 comments to Merkel’s snub and non-snub of Raul Castro

  • Seems to me the snub wins. Official diplomatic settings don't offer much wiggle room for snubs. Seems to me Merkel made the most of them to snub Castro. Granted, Pinochet or Somoza would have been tarred and feathered and burned in effigy at such a meeting--assuming they'd even been invited.....unreal

  • asombra

    Merkel has to know Ratso is at best a contemptible little fraud.

  • asombra

    A powerful German woman is bound to disdain a posturing old Cuban putz who owes everything to nepotism and BS.

  • asombra

    Merkel may be overrated and overbearing, but she’s definitely no fraud or poseur. She’s light years away from a painful embarrassment like Cretina Kirchner (aka Evita Kardashian), Argentina’s Fashion-Victim-in-Chief, or that other product of marital connections, Hillary Clinton, aka Faux Feminista--but it’s OK, because, after all "what difference does it make" if you have no dignity? I expect Merkel knows Ratso is just a nasty little rodent who’s spent his ENTIRE life riding his brother’s coattails, and she definitely knows Cuba is an absolute disaster, even worse than Greece (and Greece, of course, has no rich Venezuelan sugar daddy and no profitable pseudo-exiles to compensate for its dysfunction). In other words, she probably wanted to take a bath after her pro forma handshake with the rat-faced creep.