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Quote of the day

Today's Quote of the Day from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's recent remarks on Latin America could very well be the Quote of the Day for Cuban exiles every single day for the last 54 years:
“Unfortunately there is still a dictatorship in Cuba, but we expect it to end shortly.”

3 comments to Quote of the day

  • asombra

    "Unfortunately, Bill has never stopped cheating, but I expect it to end shortly."

  • asombra

    "And if Castro, Inc. doesn't end shortly, what difference does it make?"

  • Gallardo

    When it was on the verge of ending in 1994 all her husband did was help it survive to get a couple of kickbacks and keep his presidency simple (and let's not even talk about Elian).

    Had we had another Republican administration following the eight of Reagan and the subsequent four of Bush (which did away with the Soviet Union) they wouldn't have given Cuba anything and allowed it to finally implode from within. Castro wouldn't have even dared to open the doors for an exodus, as he did, had there been a Republican in Washington DC. Yet, he knew Clinton was a self-centerd, buyable, and an easily manipulated joke.

    Granted, this is the same bitch that in '09 denounced, and called for sanctions, against Honduras for ousting a leftist dictatorship in progress and sponsored by Venezuela. It makes me wonder how much money, exactly, came from Venezuela to the Democrats in '08. Hey, maybe it's also has to do with those pictures of Hillary cutting cane for Castro in Cuba during her youth allow with Bill Ayers (who openly admitted being there with the Venceremos Brigade). A picture that I saw years ago and can't find these days even if my life depended on it. I am sure the communists in Cuba have them though.

    After all, regarding Cuba, wasn't the U.S. government and the very CIA helping Castro in the 1950s in the name of "freedom" all to then run and protect him for decades.

    Yes, they sure talk a lot of sanctimonious crap and shamelessly continue to do so despite the long record of dishonesty, betrayal, and imbecility.