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DHS Sec. Janet Scissorhands: Bring Scissors to a Gunfight

Remember when Pres. Bush's DHS suggested we keep plastic and duct tape in the house in case we needed to seal up windows, doors, etc. as one means of self-preparedness in the event of a terrorist chemical weapon attack? It was heartily laughed at and ridiculed to this day. Leap ahead roughly seven years.

Our fearless Department of Homeland Security, under the omnipotent Obama administration, has been very busy during Obama's first term, especially when it comes to those dangerous old folks in adult diapers and wheelchairs, and squirming toddlers suspiciously screaming and crying because they were being touched and groped by mean-looking strangers as mommy and daddy stood by watching the armed airport security guards watching them. But the terrorist threat abroad has been negated under this administration (Benghazi who?), and the DHS and DOJ have nipped us domestic terrorist-types into order so now is the time to deal with the other important stuff...

Such as "revamping immigrant welcome materials, set to include Obamacare". And then there is how to act safely in the winter weather conditions, especially how to shovel the snow from your driveway and sidewalks. I had no idea, and I thank them for that information. I have passed it along to all my other friends and family who have spent their lives living under winter conditions and hadn't a clue on how to act and react to them.

So now that the Obama administration is determined to disarm Americans of our Second Amendment rights (guns) the DHS has decided it needs to teach us ways to defend ourselves should we be attacked, for some odd reason, at our schools, workplace or other "occupied structures" or "outside in a populated area" by an "active shooter".

Guns. Desks. Scissors.

Basically it's:

Run and hide under a desk.
Run out in the open and look for an escape.
Leave your belongings and the defenseless wounded behind.
Don't use your cell phone.
Use your cell phone.
Wait for the police to arrive ... just wait. Wait. Wait.
Grab scissors and fight back against a well-armed gunman.

I guess the DHS doesn't know those details about the shooters in the last few mass shootings looking UNDER the desks and shooting those hiding, and finishing-off the wounded.

Why, after taking all OUR guns, somebody would have a gun to become an "active shooter" is beyond me. I mean, the laws are the laws, and nobody would ever break them. Right? I mean, that's why we are having so much trouble now. We have no gun control laws. Here's the "drama button". Hit it as much as needed...

Well, good thing the Department of Homeland Security is seeking to acquire 7,000 5.56x45mm NATO “personal defense weapons” (PDW) — also known as “assault weapons”. I guess there just aren't enough scissors to go around. With the closing of the "Gitmo Closing Office" and today's announcement of the disbanding of Obama's Jobs Council perhaps it is time to look for a dismantling of the DHS.

janet scissorhands

Footnote: I see strict government regulations and registration for scissors in the future.

Question: "Did Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel just throw up in his mouth a little?"

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