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(Pinko) Teacher!–Leave Those Kids Alone!


The education (indoctrination) and thought-control continues apace, thanks to the blizzard of "People to People" and "Educational-Exchange" licenses issued by Obama's OFAC for Castroite indoctrination. The latest:


A (Gay) professor from (Jesuit) Canisius College takes his sugjects to sing the praises of the only regime in the modern history of the Western hemisphere to herd gays into forced labor camps for the crime of being gay, and to herd HIV sufferers into isolation camps until they died. From the campus newspaper:

The purpose of this trip was to give students a richer understanding of what the revolution accomplished for Cuba...While in Cuba, students lived and studied at the Centro Memorial Martin Luther King Jr., a Christian-based center for social justice in Havana...The U.S. embargo placed a stranglehold on the island’s economy....In spite of suffering economically, Cuba provides a national healthcare system to its citizens. The government assumes all fiscal and administrative responsibilities for it. Education at every level is free, as well. The nation’s literacy rate is 97 percent. Unemployment averages 1.4 percent. And life expectancy (77 years old) is the same as the United States. Cuba is also the safest of all Latin American countries and maintains the lowest crime rate in the Western Hemisphere.

The Black subjects of this indoctrination then posed for pictures and sang the praises of a regime that jailed and tortured the longest suffering black political prisoners in modern history, that to this day jails and tortures Cuban blacks for the crime of quoting Martin Luther King, Jr., and whose co-founder (Che Guevara) declared, “The Negro is indolent and spends his money on frivolities and drink, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent.”


Some "Dark Sarcasm" is definitely needed in Canisius classrooms. Hopefully some Canisius students are less stupid and humorless than the ones who went on the trip, and are up to it. And wonder if the Canisius visitors noticed that Cuban students are never admonished to "eat their meat" for the simple reason that none is served--much less any pudding....


6 comments to (Pinko) Teacher!–Leave Those Kids Alone!

  • The "wall" of stupidity can't be brought down...

  • asombra

    That woman, of course, is just a typical Cuban, even though she looks Hindu. The outlandish get-up could hardly be more over-the-top, but hey, if it gets stupid tourists to notice and cough up some hard currency for a photo-op...

  • asombra

    The Canisius people must have loved the papal visit.

  • asombra

    The very vapid and very gay looking blond guy evidently has no clue he's being scammed. Idiot.

  • Gallardo

    "Unemployment averages 1.4 percent" That one was my favorite.

  • asombra

    The woman in the photo may not even be a “santera;” she could be simply costumed to catch the eye of tourists looking for the quaintly exotic, even if it’s totally fake. But yes, I’m sure she does decent business and adds “local color,” so everybody’s happy.