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Odebrecht: BFF of Raul Castro and the Miami-Dade County Commission

Brazil's Odebrecht has an impressive list of BFFs: Cuban dictator Raul Castro and the Miami-Dade County Commission.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Raul Castro Thanks Odebrecht

Now the question remains:

Will the Miami-Dade County Commission also continue to thank Odebrecht with millions more in taxpayer funds, despite the strong opposition of its constituents?

From Castro's state media today:

Cuban head of state, Raul Castro and visiting former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva toured the ongoing expansion works underway at Mariel Harbor in the eastern part of the island, which are co-financed by Brazil.

Raul Castro described the works as the most complex project ever carried out in Cuba, as both Latin American leaders toured the harbor that is expected to become the island’s main foreign trade hub.
The Port of Mariel Expansion, when it becomes operational, will allow Cuba to have one of the largest ports in all Latin America and the largest trading hub in the Caribbean.

The work at Mariel is being undertaken by Brazilian engineering giant Odebrecht in partnership with the Cuban military’s construction division. The Brazilian government is also underwriting the port development.

And as The Economist noted this week:

In November Cuba [also] awarded a contract to invest in and manage sugar production, which has long been off-limits to foreigners, to Brazil’s Odebrecht. The firm is also part of an $800m project to build a container port at Mariel, just outside Havana, and is looking at making ethanol.

3 comments to Odebrecht: BFF of Raul Castro and the Miami-Dade County Commission

  • Lynx

    Sadly, more so than oderbrechts two faced dealings, is that the castro regime has money to do all these expansions thanks to... you guessed it, all the dollars being poured into the economy by Cuban "tourists", lining the castros coffers

  • asombra

    I've come to the conclusion that until enough Cubans become sufficiently serious about seeing Cuba free, Cuba does not deserve freedom. Unfortunately, Cubans have never been particularly serious people, and they remain way too prone to RELAJO, with an associated tendency to overestimate their cleverness and underestimate their self-defeating shallowness. As I keep repeating, Cuba didn't go down the toilet by accident or "bad luck." We have issues, as the saying goes (and so do non-Cubans, obviously, but our problem is not their problem).

  • asombra

    Ratso looks very Truman Capote in that photo, no?