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Cuba prepares for ‘election’ by holding military exercises on the island

Today, millions of Cubans will head out to the polls to exercise their right as stipulated in the nation's Marxist constitution and vote for those who will represent them in the country's National Assembly. There are a total of 612 seats in Cuba's parliament, and today, Cubans will choose among 612 candidates to fill those seats.

You read that right: 612 seats, 612 candidates.

Each of those 612 "candidates" has been hand picked by the leadership of Cuba's single and solitary political party, the Cuban Communist Party. Each one of them has been thoroughly vetted to ensure their total loyalty and complete subservience to the Castro family dictatorship. The "right to vote" Cubans will exercise today is nothing more than a check mark they get to place by each name. It does not really matter if they check the name or not, the candidate will "win" the election regardless.

So as you can see, there really isn't much voting going on today in Cuba and it only makes sense that many, if not most Cubans would be discouraged to participate in yet another farcical election. But if that were to happen, it would deny photo ops for foreign journalists capturing Cubans "exercising their freedom to vote" so important to the Castro dictatorship and its propaganda mission.

So to get the Cuban people in the mood to carry out this charade, the Castro dictatorship has spent all weekend holding military exercises all over the island with tanks, soldiers, and even the bicycle brigade, Castro's elite "special forces."

Cuba holds military exercises against possible US aggression

AFP - Cuba's armed forces on Saturday began holding military exercises aimed at preparing the Communist-ruled island to defend itself against any possible attack from the United States, media reported.

Military units from across the island "began this weekend to prepare for Cuba's defense... which would combine the participation of the armed forces and the people," the government-run Prensa Latina reported.

It wrote that taking part in the exercises are military units from Camaguey in eastern Cuba, the central city of Matanzas and the town of Artemisa outside Havana.

Reports said officials believe the military maneuvers are needed to respond to "constant harassment and aggression" from the US, which broke relations with Havana in 1961 and imposed a trade embargo the following year.

2 comments to Cuba prepares for ‘election’ by holding military exercises on the island

  • asombra

    More of the same lousy theater and the same old lies.

  • asombra

    "US aggression." Right. Look how aggressively the US responded to the murder of US citizens over international waters by Cuban military, and how aggressively it's responded to Alan Gross being held hostage. But yeah, sure, Obama will be sending the Marines any day now. NOBODY believes this shit, but they keep recycling it.