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The Cuban Condition

Juan Abreu in his Emanaciones #1323 (my translation):


I see a photo of Fidel Castro. That the man can go out on Cuba's streets and no one puts a bullet in him clearly demonstrates the Cuban condition. To be a Cuban (I am not tired of repeating how I renounced that garbage a long time ago) is a matter that now cloaks the lowest of the low. Fifty-four years of a humiliating dictatorship. Fifty-four years of crimes and vileness and the Cubans remain there, submissive, applauding, and kissing Castro ass.

They are always ready to accuse; always ready to cooperate with their benefactor; always ready to step on the few who rebel; always ready to laugh at the antics of their leader; always ready to talk shit endlessly and to stupidly flirt until the end of time.

What a country of whores and snitches.

3 comments to The Cuban Condition

  • Honey

    The sad fact is anyone with courage and smarts knew to try to get out a long time ago. And with the Peter Pan operation as a good start, Castro understood that if he got rid of the worst of the potential troublemakers and destroyed the morale of their families bereft of their children, it would make it even easier to spread his villainy.
    Those left in Cuba are the least fit to resist. Those who do try to resist show a bravery I cannot fathom.

  • asombra

    Alberto tries his best but probably gets a little confused from having Rumanian and Spanish running through his head concurrently. Here is the official ICLP translation, which is, of course, definitive:

    I see a photo of Fidel Castro [the very recent one of him at a “voting” site]. That the man can go out on the street in Cuba and nobody puts a bullet in him clearly shows the condition of Cubans. Being Cuban (I resigned from that crap long ago, as I never tire of repeating) is a matter now cloaked in the lowest baseness. Fifty-four years of humiliating dictatorship, fifty-four years of crimes and degradation, and Cubans continue to be submissive, applauding and kissing Castro ass.

    Always ready to snitch, always ready to cooperate with their master, always ready to step on the few who rebel, always ready to laugh at their master's jokes, always ready to talk shit endlessly and pull stupid stunts till the end of time.

    What a country of whores and big mouths.

  • asombra

    And Honey, you're on to something I've said before, but which is hard to swallow for many Cubans. Basically, despite the inevitable exceptions that always exist, the great majority of Cuba's best people, or best blood, wound up leaving the island sooner or later, for fairly obvious reasons. What remained was largely of lower quality, and those people mated with each other and reproduced, producing offspring of similar quality, or even lower. This was not just a matter of genetics, of course, but also of a pathological, toxic environment in which to grow up and be formed, or rather, deformed. The results are clear enough.