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  • Ziva Sahl: George, I’m not justifying anything. Just stating human nature. I don’t remember mass protests in the streets of...

  • George Moneo: Ziva, you’re just trying to justify the unjustifiable. Biscet does it. Roque does it. The Ladies in White do it. Why...

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  • George Moneo: Alberto, the vast, vast majority has already given up. Then again, Moses freed the Jews from Egyptian bondage after 390...

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A housekeeping note

As you may recall, BabaluBlog converted to WordPress from the Movable Type blogging platform almost exactly four years ago (February 16, 2009). We've been very happy with the change despite some glitches and gremlins here and there.

As a result of that conversion all posts prior to that date were duplicated on both platforms, including old images. This has caused a few issues (primarily with Google searches) which we are fixing effective today. All prior posts have to be found by using the search engine on the left navigation bar (Pinar del Rio) and entering the desired keyword. The blog will give a "Not Found" error message if the old Babalu v1 HTML page is referenced in the URL. We will be archiving every single HTML and image file.

Please report any unusual page behavior to mt2wpgremlins AT babalublog DOT com and we'll look into it.

That is all.

5 comments to A housekeeping note

  • Honey

    Is part of the fixing that you will show in my e-mail the link like it used to instead of just telling me someone commented on a post I commented on? Is it just my computer or my E-mail or is it happening to others too now?

    • Honey, unfortunately the additional features we add to the blog -- comment notification is just one -- are as good as the plugins we install. The Comment Notifier plugin was turned off yesterday after I upgraded it because it was causing other issues. I'll try to find another one.

  • This is a good reminder as we approach our tenth anniversary, that a lot of the work done to keep Babalú running smoothly happens behind those famous eyes, hidden from our public face. Thank you George¨Pitbull¨ Moneo, our tech guy, and more. You are appreciated.

  • asombra

    George, is it possible to see how much or what part of a comment will appear at the left-hand "recent comments" column BEFORE posting the comment? That would be rather useful, in my opinion.