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A Canadian news anchor warns American gun owners

2 comments to A Canadian news anchor warns American gun owners

  • marc in calgary

    The only legal recourse between having your guns, or in some cases, your house and other property seized from you for non-compliance, will be the hope that someone like me, marc in calgary, is sitting on your jury.

    If you're charged with defending your family, home or business with a firearm, your chance at an acquittal / hung jury is 100% , and and with the other 33 million canadians, nearly certain jail time. Years, not months. This type of jail time is what was being sought for in the above opening minute of video, this was a man that had firebombs set off on his doorstep / veranda in the middle of the night, miles away from the next farm house.

    So, fight while you can, with everything you've got.

    When the national registry of firearms was brought into being here, it was said it would cost about 2 million, it ended up costing 2 billion. None of the people that registered their guns, were found because their guns were registered. The police said, we access this gun registry 1000's of times a day. Sure, it's all automated. They check everyone that's pulled over for not signaling intentions on a road. That's how they padded the numbers for usage.

    They said it would be completely confidential. The end of the year deadline was 31 December each year. People notified the firearms registry of cases where they'd sold their homes and moved, because their guns could be taken and they'd be arrested for not telling the firearms registry that they'd moved... and then without notifying the tax authority here ("Revenue Canada") they started receiving tax notices at their new addresses in Feb. Even though, it's not necessary to notify tax authorities here of a move until 30 April. for most people.

    So, fight while you can, with everything you've got.

    It took 8 years of new "Conservative" government here, before the Liberal's federal gun registry was shut down. The entrenched bureaucracy continues its march onwards, (picture the USA's EPA expanding to, well, everything), to control all aspects of our lives, hence the side story in the above video regarding the now banned .22 that looks scarily like an AK-47. An "assault" .22 ? wtf?

  • marc in calgary

    "If you're charged with defending your family, home of business with a firearm, (WITH ME ON THE JURY) your chance of an acquittal / hung jury is 100%"

    Kinda an important difference. Kinda leaving your next dozen years up to chance.