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Che Guevara in Swanky South Beach Nightclub? (update: Not any more!)

Pictures in South Beach's W Hotel of English artist Gavin Turk superimposing himself over Che Guevara

(Below:) Some other whacky Limeys (Prince Harry & the late Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones) cutting-up!


...needless to add: after the DEAFENING (!!!) outcry against them, both Englishmen (Rolling Stone Brian Jones and Prince Harry) profusely fact (as usual in these things) they groveled, they begged forgiveness they damn near wept...and the gaffe still dogs them in "enlightened" circles.

Needless to add: Englishman Gavin Turk GLOATS as a Stalinist --and not a voice is raised against him (except a very, very few in Miami).....needless to add these Miami voices are already getting bashed for fuddy-duddyism on top of being enemies of "artistic freedom"."

Never mind that the Stalinism Che Guevara embraced, practiced and represents (and Gavin Turks has soberly iconographed for years) murdered and tortured MULTIPLE times the number of innocents as did the National-Socialism a drunk Prince Harry and a stoned Brian Jones momentarily clowned with.....

BUT WAIT! Update!............

cell phones

Update: The intransigent cabal/network GOT TO WORK! And CRACKED the whip!---and the Che likeness was shortly taken down from the W Hotel! From their management on Facebook:

W South Beach respects the concerns of our community, which has been so supportive of us, and we have removed British artist Gavin Turk’s self-portrait as Che Guevara from the property.


OK, fine for now--but just watch your step, Hotel W!...we'll be WATCHING!


"And the dog stays, right Hotel W?".....that's better.

6 comments to Che Guevara in Swanky South Beach Nightclub? (update: Not any more!)

  • asombra

    Does Che's bovine daughter Aleida know about this? I'm not sure she'd like it, meaning she might sue. After all, this could be taken as desecration, so to speak. When a Castro-friendly gay group in Spain put out posters of the "holy" image altered to look like Che was wearing women's make-up, Ms. Gay Rights herself, Mariela Castro, issued an official statement angrily denouncing the act, even though it had been done to promote fundraising for Mariela's own CENESEX outfit in Cuba. Che was "mucho macho," you see, or something along those lines. As for Turk, he really should have superimposed himself on something more suitable, like Lady Gaga. Well, when you have no real talent, you have to get attention some other way, like being "controversial" or "transgressive." Ask the guy who came up with the crucifix-in-piss thing. Pitiful--though not as much as people who fall for it.

    Oh, and the hotel probably knew beforehand that they'd wind up taking the thing down, but not before it got them (and Turk) highly desirable publicity and scored them points as "victims of intolerance" with their target audience, which does not include "those people." The responsible parties are probably quite pleased with the results. Calculated provocation is an old trick, but it often works.

  • Supposedly the Aleidas (mother and daughter) only oppose the use of Che's image in a "disrespectful manner," or so their New York lawyers told the lawyers for my New york publishers, who greatly upset the Guevara family for using it in an "abominable manner."...whatever, my publishers knuckled under and the second and third book printings had to use a slightly different Che pic....unreal, a regime that abolished property rights raising a ruckus over their "intellectual property" rights!

    Absolutely Un-'Freakin Real

  • asombra

    I bet they have lawyers. They'd be nothing and nowhere without the Che tie-in, same as Ratso with Fidel.

  • [...] pointed out that this Gavin Turk guy (the artist who superimposed himself on the Che likeness that appearED in the Hotel W) got no grief whatsoever from Che's heirs for using his famous image while many others have. [...]

  • Luis3939

    That picture is of a murderer but it's plastered all over East Los Angeles, Venice Beach and just about everywhere else in southern california, but you won't here a peep from La Raza

  • [...] the Hotel W, Aby Rosen and David Edelstein . This 5 Star Hotel featured a Che pic for about a week until yesterday. The Che/Turk pic is reported to have come from art Collector Aby Rosen's [...]