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Quote of the day

Japanese American "holistic doctor" Kazuko Tatsumura Hillyer visited Cuba recently and reported her findings. Apparently, the good doctor either mistakenly visited the wrong Caribbean island or spent her entire time in Cuba wearing a blindfold and earplugs. When you think about it, the Castro dictatorship cannot buy this magnitude of ignorance:
"It seems that there is not as much suppression of free speech or human rights here, as I heard about in the U.S. The level of suppression is not close to the high levels I remember in other communist countries. The Communist political slogans on the streets or highways with huge billboards are absent in Cuba. I have seen a poster of Che Guevara occasionally but no huge pictures of Fidel Castro in stores, restaurants, offices or parks."

6 comments to Quote of the day

  • asombra

    Sign her up as another Cuba "expert." She's a natural.

  • She does have the two most important qualifications for a "Cuba Expert," Asombra: She is not Cuban, and she knows nothing about Cuba.

  • FreedomForCuba

    Ditto Alberto,

    What a dolt!

    This character is either dumb, stupid or demented, take your pick.

    No wonder we live in such crazy times having so many people with their heads so far inside their butts...

  • FreedomForCuba

    She even misstated the current Cuban population in the island at 1.2 million people.

    Gosh! this woman is dumber than than a sack of rocks...

  • asombra

    She could be genuinely deceived. Some people are congenitally gullible (which is, of course, a mental defect). She may also be a case of the brainlessly beatific, who persist in imagining good where none exists.

  • asombra

    The real problem with this sort of thing, whether it be cluelessness or disingenuousness, is that it presumes far too much and puts itself on a par with, if not above, real expertise--that of Cubans themselves. It is extremely indiscreet, tactless and inconsiderate, not to mention downright insulting. Alas, Cuba is like the old Rodney Dangerfield persona--it can't get no respect (even if that is partly due to Cubans who are not respectable).