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  • Honey: And again, let us not forget that Tauck Tours, the most luxurious tours around, used as the promo for their “people to...

  • Carlos Eire: Yes, Rayarena….I agree with what you say about our “wrongness” in the eyes of those who like to look down...

  • Rayarena: Prof. Eire, those hideous pictures of that Aunt Jemima with the cigar and what happened to you vis-a-vis the cover of your book...

  • Rayarena: Prof. Eire, those hideous pictures of that Aunt Jemima with the cigar and what happened to you vis-a-vis the cover of your book...

  • asombra: While one may certainly wish those who run the Virgin of Charity shrine in Miami had refused to allow Obama to defile it with...

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“R-E-S-P-E-C-T!”….are we starting to get it?


Think about it, amigos. From a Mercedes Benz CEO to a Marlins manager, and from Irish politicians to a South Beach Real Estate Tycoon--all recently coughed behind their hand and submitted to our protests (undoubtedly after multiple off-camera grimaces and eyerolls...but still)


Would Fidel be "The Toast of Manhattan!" upon a visit there today?....I wonder?

Would The Motorcycle Diaries get the same Pavlovian and rapturous response today as it got in 2004?.....I

"All we're asking for is for a little respect when we come home..."

"Dat girl done stole my song!" (Otis Redding's reported reaction)

So here's to OTIS!--MY MAN!

2 comments to “R-E-S-P-E-C-T!”….are we starting to get it?

  • asombra

    The Che thing may simply be getting old and tired, or tiresome. Needless to say, it’s been done to death. It’s always been cheesy, and every day it seems more so, like some quaint relic from a faintly ridiculous past. It is, after all, a cynically contrived myth, an ultimately vulgar and insulting sham designed primarily for useful idiots. Such idiots will always be with us, but those of more recent vintage are bound to want something “fresher” and more immediate, more “relevant” and less “historic.” Nothing stays “hot” or fashionable forever, even if it’s merely replaced by a very similar dog with a slightly different collar (see Madonna and Lady Gaga). It may just be that the overblown Che balloon is slowly deflating. In other words, Humberto, r-e-s-p-e-c-t may have little to do with it. Maybe people just can't get that excited and worked up about an old photo anymore, so they're just going "Oh, fuck it."

  • asombra

    I'll say this for Santana: he's a picture-perfect Latrine. Which means, of course, that even apart from his Che crush, he should never have been put on an album supposedly honoring Cuba. Talk about disrespect and impropriety, considering the huge mountains of shit dumped on Cuba by Latrine America. You all know what I'm referencing.