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Granddaughter of Cuban police chief executed by Guevara speaks out about Ché portrait at W Hotel

Covering the scandal of the Ché Guevara portrait hung at South Beach's W Hotel, Miami's Local 10 News interviews Barbara Rangel, a Cuban American human rights activist and granddaughter of Santa Clara, Cuba, police chief, Col. Cornelio Rojas. Rojas was executed without trial on the orders of Ché Guevara, his murder horrifically shown on Cuban television.

Che Guevara portrait at hotel removed

Hundreds protest painting on W South Beach's Facebook page

A portrait of Che Guevara was taken down from the lobby of a South Beach hotel a few days after it was hung up.

The portrait of the Argentine Marxist was hung in the lobby of W South Beach over the weekend. It was removed Tuesday.

"It was very humiliating to see a picture of Che Guevara there," said Babara Rangel. "I was outraged."

Rangel and hundreds of others protested the painting on the hotel's Facebook page.

"He was an Argentinean mercenary that came to my county (Cuba) to kill people," said Rangel.

She shared a video of Guevara executing her grandfather as it aired on Cuban television in 1959.

"This is not art. That is the image of a cold killer, of a killing machine," said Rangel.

"A piece of art, it's okay to be there," said Ignacio Ceriani. "The fact that he was Che Guevara doesn't mean anything."

"I'm not outraged by it," said Brian Ridley. "He's a historical character, there's history behind it. It's just not an image that has ever outraged me."

W South Beach issued a statement on its Facebook page, saying: "W South Beach respects the concerns of our community, which has been so supportive of us, and we have removed British artist Gavin Turk’s self-portrait as Che Guevara from the property."

"It's not good enough," said Rangel. "I want an apology."

Col. Cornelio Rojas

1 comment to Granddaughter of Cuban police chief executed by Guevara speaks out about Ché portrait at W Hotel

  • FreedomForCuba

    I repeat one more time,

    Hell is way TOO COLD for murderous monsters like Fidel and Raul Castro, Che Guevara and their minions who have spilled so much Cuban blood and destroyed the island and generations of Cubans with Communist indoctrination.

    At least Che have been a permanent resident in Hell since 1967...

    I cannot wait until Fidel and Raul join him....