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  • Humberto Fontova: “The embargo of Cuba is the stupidest law ever passed in the U.S.” (Jimmy Carter, 2002.) And yet President Jimmy Carter...

  • Carlos Eire: El Circo de Papa Pancho. Si. Gigante!

  • Honey: Yes, but at least Carter got us Reagan. I am fearful that we might not be so lucky this time. Cruz, Jindall, Fiorina, Walker,...

  • Honey: Yes, at least Carter got us Reagan. I am fearful that we might not be so lucky this time. Cruz, Jindall, Fiorina, Walker, Rubio...

  • asombra: This is nothing. Just wait for the papal visit circus.

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`So who owned that Che pic at Hotel W?



Owners of the Hotel W, Aby Rosen and David Edelstein . This 5 Star Hotel featured a Che pic for about a week until yesterday. The Che/Turk pic is reported to have come from art Collector Aby Rosen's collection.

Here's a quote from Real Estate mogul and art collector Aby Rosen in the New York Times:

"Arriving a half-hour late after fog canceled his private helicopter flight from Southampton, Mr. Rosen wore a white linen shirt from Dolce & Gabbana ("'with two pockets in the front, like Fidel Castro used to wear'')

Which makes one wonder, if Rosen's so intimately familiar with Fidel Castro's wardrobe preferences, when he bought the Che pic could he have been ALL THAT ignorant of Che Guevara's historic handiwork?

Aby Rosen, by the way, is a son of Holocaust survivors.

Other famous patrons of Hotel W:rosen2rosen4rosen3

(Pero fijense que tipo mas JODEDOR este Fontova!!!...ya esto se ACABO!...el Hotel bajo el cuadro. El hotel se disculpo y pidio perdon....Haci que YA! Chico!--YA!...pero NO! este Fontova SIGUE revolviendo el caso!...pero que tipo mas jodedor y PESA'O!!!)

4 comments to `So who owned that Che pic at Hotel W?

  • asombra

    Classic, and pretty much beyond parody.

  • asombra

    Aby Rosen looks like he really feels the pain of the proletariat, no?

  • ranavy33

    You'd think being Jewish they would identify with the Cuban people who suffered under Che and continue to do so. Idiots.

  • asombra

    Not idiots, exactly. It’s more a matter of priorities, and these people are all about being fashionable, trendy and celebrity in-crowd, which has its requirements, dubious though they may be. Unfortunately, some people ARE shallow, fatuous and hollow, and quite a few of them are rich and/or famous. Shit happens. As for caring about Cuba, they may not care that much about Israel, and I'm pretty certain they're pro-Obama like their clientele. There are nominal Jews just as there are nominal Cubans or Cubanoids.