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On this date in history

foto de sinopsis

February 16th, 1959: Fidel Castro made himself dictator of Cuba for life in a farcical ceremony where he was sworn in as Cuba's "Prime Minister."

H/T Silvio Canto, Jr.

5 comments to On this date in history

  • Jewbana66

    Let's all drink mojitos and fuddghetaboutit!

  • An elected prime minister or a self-imposed dictator for life: What difference does it make?

  • antonio2009

    In the photo with Fidel Castro, on the left: Provisional President Manuel "Cucharita" Urrutia Lleo, whose prior claim-to-fame was that he was one of the three magistrates who in May 1957 presided the trial against the captured Granma expeditionaries and voted to acquit them, but the two other magistrates Segarra and Cutie, overruled him. To the right, deposed Prime Minister Jose Miró Cardona, former president of the Havana Bar Association. Miró later went into exile and was the Kenedy Administration´s civil leader behind the Bay of Pigs invasion who would supplant Castro. Urrutia afterward was a college teacher in New York and Miró taught Law at the University of Puerto Rico and were never active in Cuba exile activities.

  • asombra

    LOOK at the photo. It's shocking, or should have been. Big time. I really shouldn't have to explain why.

  • Gallardo

    Someone who was already demonstrating to have no intentions of taking off the self appointed costume even for a "formal" event, was not only demonstrating early on to be an act, but an arrogant and very misplaced one.

    Granted, the egotistical piece of crap was never in the military and had it not been for the two-face imbeciles of Washington and the CIA, who aided him and propped him into power, the uniform would have been the one of prisoner like Abimael Guzmán in Peru (at best) or simply one on history books as he would have been killed like Alfonso Cano, Manuel Marulanda, and the rest of those worthless, and insignificant, pieces of communist trash in Colombia.

    Let's be realistic, no group of improvised scumbags takes over a nation, and its military, unless there is a much more powerful external force moving its pieces for such to happen. Cuba's fatal error was not so much believing in Castro but believing in USA.