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Latrine America digs itself a deeper hole in its search for Hell


No surprise, but still depressing, any way you look at it.

Fidel is happy.  Raul is happy.  Evo Morales is happy.  Ollanta Humala is happy.  Cristina Fernandez Kirchner is happy.  Dilma Rousseff is happy. Daniel Ortega is happy.  Hugo Chavez would be happy -- if he were conscious or alive.  Let's face it, all of the "elected" despots and would-be despots of Latrine America are thrilled to see Correa win this phony election.  And so are their American toadies:  Oliver Stone, Sean Penn,  Michael Moore, Barack Obama, etc.....

From the BBC, the world's leading expert on local colour and on what is best for all the benighted lesser beings the world round who could not enroll in the right colleges at Oxford or Cambridge:

Ecuador election: President Rafael Correa wins

Ecuador's President Rafael Correa has been re-elected for a third term with more than 50% of the vote. His main challenger has admitted defeat.

Addressing his supporters in the capital, Quito, Mr Correa called for "another four years of revolution".

First elected in 2007, the socialist leader is widely credited with bringing political stability to a nation that suffered decades of protests and coups.

But critics accuse Mr Correa of being a dictator in the making.

The 49-year-old US-trained economist has been accused of implementing policies that have served to strengthen his hold on power and erode the influence of political opponents and private media.

But his so-called "citizens' revolution" has made him popular with many ordinary Ecuadoreans and has won him friends among other Latin American left-wing leaders.

Partial results give Mr Correa 56.6%, ahead of 24% for his nearest rival, former banker Guillermo Lasso. None of the other six candidates were predicted to win more than 5%....

President Correa was quick to claim victory.

"Nobody can stop this revolution," he told a crowd of supporters gathered outside the balcony of the Carondelet Palace in Quito. "The colonial powers are not in charge anymore, you can be sure that in this revolution it's Ecuadoreans who are in charge."

Continue reading HERE.

1 comment to Latrine America digs itself a deeper hole in its search for Hell

  • asombra

    You know, if people are STILL falling for this shit, and for this kind of "charismatic" (read histrionic) BS merchant, well, that's what they deserve. Alas, what does that say about the US with respect to Obama?