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Cuba Study Group calls on President Obama to circumvent U.S. law and lift sanctions against Castro dictatorship

When you think about it, the advice given to President Obama that he circumvent U.S. law and lift sanctions against the criminal and repressive Castro dictatorship by Carlos Saladrigas' Cuba Study Group and the Council of the Americas is not all that audacious. President Obama has more than shown his proclivity to bypass congress and the constitution to rule the country via fiat through the use of executive orders.

However, what makes the latest shenanigans by these two pro-Castro dictatorship groups truly interesting is that it exposes what a complete and utter failure their lobbying campaign has been. They have made practically zero headway in convincing congress that the murderous Castro dictatorship in Cuba are really nice guys we should be embracing. Even with the media on their side, with the White House on their side, and the State Department on their side, they cannot secure the votes necessary to remove sanctions against Cuba's totalitarian regime.

Therefore, like Obama, the Council of the Americas and the Cuba Study Group has decided that if you are losing the battle of ideas and cannot achieve your goal through the legislative process, then the next best thing is to have King Obama issue a royal decree.

Sort of reminds you of how things are done in Castro's Cuba, doesn't it?

Via Bloomberg:

Obama Can Bend Cuba Embargo to Help Open Economy, Groups Say

President Barack Obama should break free of the embargo on Cuba and assert his authority to promote a free-market overhaul taking place on the communist island.

The recommendation is contained in concurrent reports to be published today by the Cuba Study Group and the Council of the Americas, two groups seeking to end a decades-old deadlock on U.S. policy toward Cuba.

Among steps Obama can take without violating sanctions passed by Congress are opening U.S. markets, as well as authorizing the sale of American goods and services, to the estimated 400,000 private entrepreneurs that have arisen since Cuban President Raul Castro started cutting state payrolls in 2011. The reports also recommend allowing U.S. credit card and insurance companies to provide basic financial services to licensed U.S. travelers to Cuba.

“We’ve been sitting on the sidelines with our hands tied by an antiquated law that’s being too strictly interpreted,” said Chris Sabatini, an author of the report and senior policy director for the Council of the Americas, a business-backed group based in New York. “There’s more Obama can do to be a catalyst for meaningful economic change.”

Continue reading HERE.

1 comment to Cuba Study Group calls on President Obama to circumvent U.S. law and lift sanctions against Castro dictatorship

  • FreedomForCuba

    Well, what difference does it make for Obama to bend the Cuba embargo law when he's trampling all over the US Constitution...

    What surprises me is that he has not fully reestablished full relations with the Castro tyranny yet, but I guess that's why Kerry and Hagel were picked for his team...