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  • asombra: Alberto, your translation was fine. It’s a matter of nuance which doesn’t really translate. The point is that the...

  • asombra: If Ortega were sharper and more cunning, as opposed to a second-rate and relatively clumsy stooge, he’d feign a sober,...

  • Alberto de la Cruz: Asombra, that was the best translation I could come up with in my quick and dirty translation. If you have a better...

  • asombra: The actual wording he used was “la gusanera de Miami,” which is worse. He doesn’t even have the minimal...

  • asombra: Does Fidel look like a cheesy con artist or what? Sheesh.

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“That’s a joke, son!–a JOKE!–HAR-HAR!!” ( Yoani walks back her “Free The Cuban 5″ quip–Quite THE JOKER!)

Foghorn-Leghorn-Thats-a-joke-son-You-missed-it-Flew-right-by-yaCuba's best-known dissident, blogger Yoani Sanchez poses with her passport after arriving at Guararapes International airport in Recife

"At no time in Brazil did I ask for the liberation of the five members of (Castro's) Ministry of the Interior. I was using irony to make the point that if they were freed then Cuba would save $millions she wastes in the "Free the Cuban Five" campaign that's been ongoing for fifteen years...

If my irony didn't work, if my nervousness or my terms didn't make the message clear, please forgive me. My position remains that they are not innocent."

Entire thing here.


I'm a smoker
I'm a mid-night toker
I sure don't want to hurt no one

Some people call me Mau--RiiiiEEEEEEEEECE!

5 comments to “That’s a joke, son!–a JOKE!–HAR-HAR!!” ( Yoani walks back her “Free The Cuban 5″ quip–Quite THE JOKER!)

  • Rayarena

    Wow! What a sutle sense of humor, sarcasm and irony! So sutle that I it just collectively flew by all of us! Noboby picked up on it! She better be careful, or us dense types that can't distinguish irony are going to start thinking that she's some type of mole! [tongue-in-cheek].

  • ranavy33

    Weird sense of humor. I don't believe her. She was playing to her audience.

  • Sigh. Yoani no more called for the release of the Castro Regime spies than Rush Limbaugh really gave his mother a can opener so she could eat dog food. Please don't be like Pat Schroeder who stood up in Congress and denounced Rush for giving his mother a can opener so she could eat comida de perro de una lata.

  • Gallardo

    SHE is a joke.

    "... if they were freed then Cuba would save millions she wastes in the "Free the Cuban Five".

    Who the fuck is "Cuba"? Why is she talking of Cuba as if it was a normal republic with a market economy? As if it had a civil society? Or as if Castro's regime ever invested in Cuba's development? Her words are the same shameless terminology communists use to refer to their imposed, fraudulent, criminal, and aberrational regime without mentioning it. Does she ignore she is talking about a place socially slaved since 1960 and with no market economy for the egotistical sake of a controlling cult-like regime?

    "Cuba" for all economic purposes stopped existing in 1959. That said, does she truly think Castro Inc. is going to spend money on her or in developing Cuba, after 54 years of ruining it with no care, if we just grant them favors that would help them save money on propaganda? A parasite regime that lives off lies and propaganda? I mean, come on, this level of complacent imbecility makes Uncle Tom look look like General Grant.

  • FreedomForCuba

    Ditto Gallardo,

    Cuba is Castro Inc.' plantation since January 1, 1959, and the Cuban people are the slaves, the rest is nonsense...