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Sink-Tank: The Self-Inflicted Wounds of NBC’s Political Agenda Labors


How bad is it? Univision beats NBC in the sweeps ratings...

An already bad month is getting worse for NBC. For the first time in sweeps history, the network is projected to finish fifth in the key adults 18-49 demographic. That’s a crushing blow for NBC, which went from flying high in November with a sweep win & Steve Burke breaking his usual silence last fall to brag to the New York Times about the network’s performance to its shows cratering and ratings plunging. From the beginning of the February sweep on January 31 through February 19, NBC has averaged a 1.2 rating among adults 18-49. That’s below the 1.5 that Univision has been averaging so far over the 20 night of the sweep period. In fact, Univision has bested NBC every single night of the sweep so far among adults 18-49 and is poised to overtake NBC for its first fourth-place sweep finish in the demo. While this isn’t the first time Univision has topped one of the Big Three for a month (it ranked higher than CBS in July 2010 and 2012), it is the first time the Spanish-language network has beaten NBC and the first time it has come in fourth place in an in-season sweep. In addition to Univision, NBC also ranks below the 1.7 18-49 rating that ABC has been averaging this sweep, as well as the 2.0 rating for Fox and the 4.9 rating for leader CBS, which of course is buoyed by its broadcast of the Super Bowl on February 3 and the Grammy Awards on February 10.

NBC suffered the lowest ratings ever for an in-season scripted series premiere with the debut of Do No Harm on January 31. The dismal 0.9/3 of the premiere fell 22% to 0.7/2 on February 7, leading to the series’ swift cancellation. The White House comedy 1600 Penn is probably not far behind, having hit a weak 1.1/3 in its last airing February 7. Adding to NBC’s woes, the Season 2 return of Smash was a train wreck. With a limp 1.1/3 rating, it returned down 71% from its Season 1 debut and 39% from its first-year finale — and it fell another 25% to a series low of 0.9/2 this week.


The recent scandalous history of deceptive editing by NBC's news division, and that of MSNBC's, is obviously dragging down NBC's entertainment programming side.


A couple things here.

* Ratings are used to garner not only sponsors, but set the rates for sponsorship at any given time during network programing. It not only enables the networks to continue funding and carrying current shows/programs and acquiescing to top-rated series/program stars' demands for salary raises in order to keep them under contract, but to buy and produce new ones with desired ratings-grabbing writers/producers/actors. Given the last dozen or more years of GE and NBC's blatant political bias I suppose the network is lucky GE is about to become the primary owner again of NBCUniversal. It can keep funneling money into the sinking ship while maybe using NBC and MSNBC's incredibly poor results as tax write-offs???

** At some point the shareholders of this network have got to get pissed-off (again) at the network's biased practices (mostly in its news divisions, because the preachy political undertones in fictional programs is typical of the times, unfortunately) and these dismal ratings (with no relief insight) and need to demand some serious answers of NBC's CEOs.

However, I guess in the grand scope of the socialist agenda push in this coutry NBC is more than happy and willing to fall on its dirty sword, so to speak, in order to do its part for the cause. After all, it has been pointed out GE would cash-in on some of that Obama agenda. Given its close ties and kinship with Obama, and it's favorable ratings with the White House, I guess a stimulus or bailout wouldn't be out of the question.


It's to laugh: "MSNBC’s David Axelrod And Baghdad Bob Gibbs Deny They Have A “Pro-Obama” Bias

FOX's "The Five's" Greg Gutfeld informs NBC's/MSNBC's Chuck Todd he has toilet paper stuck to the bottom of his shoe...

But hey, you all just keep-on keeping-on, NBC/MSNBC.

1 comment to Sink-Tank: The Self-Inflicted Wounds of NBC’s Political Agenda Labors

  • [...] Right now the American MSM is self-censoring the news. It has been going on for awhile, but more so at an increased rate over the last several years. They twisted and even invented things during the Bush administration. They did not vet Obama during the 2007-08 democrat primary and general elections. For Obama's first term they remained completely silent on Obama not only keeping in place Bush administration policies he (Obama as senator) and the MSM loudly objected to, but increasing them and extending them to involve American citizens, not just foreign terrorist elements. The American MSM has become the propaganda arm of the Obama administration, the democrats, and the socialist movement in this country. NBC/MSNBC (being the worst) has been caught many times in less than two years of selectively editing video and audio to twist the truth and suit their agenda. During the 2004 election CBS was caught completely fabricating National Guard documents against Pres. Geroge W. Bush in order to tip public opinion to then democrat candidate John Kerry, justifying it with "fake but accurate". The MSM can deny it all they want, and deflect bias allegations onto FOX News, but it is what it is. Just look at cable/network news ratings. [...]