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  • asombra: It may be that practically anyone subjected to the intense, sustained, professional indoctrination Elian has been under since...

  • asombra: “No fresh ideas.” The point is not how fresh, but how sound and sensible. Fatuous cretin.

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  • asombra: Omar, he looks like what he was turned into: a Stepford Castroite.

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Female Castro opponent to be honored for courage by Miami Dade College and Florida International University


Lets see: One Cuban woman has more internet, travel and assorted other privileges than 90 per cent of her compatriots. And has spent less time in Cuban jails than many New Orleanians spent (when young and foolish) in New Orleans jails for overzealous Mardi-Gras partying.

Other Cuban women were beaten and tortured and starved for years in prison cells beyond the reach of any international Human Rights organization. These qualify as the longest suffering women political prisoners in the modern history of the world, many of them having suffered much worse and much longer terms and tortures in Cuban jails than the celebrated Elena Bonner suffered in Soviet jails. The celebrated Aung San suffered strictly house arrest in her native Myanmar.

aaaaa6mujer presatodo

Most of the (utterly UNcelebrated) Cuban women are physically and/or mentally scarred for life from their ordeal in KGB-designed cells by KGB-tutored torturers. Their terms and tortures issued from their steadfast refusal to collaborate in any way with Cuba's Stalinist regime--even with an innocuous signed statement. (Many of these tortured women, btw, live within walking distance of Miami-Dade College and Florida International University.)

So let's see: Florida International University will shortly be ceremoniously awarding their "Medallion for Courage" to a Cuban woman...

Anyplace on this side of ALice's Looking Glass the honoree(s) would be easy to determine. Alas!.......

So let's see: Miami Dade College will shortly be ceremoniously awarding their "Presidential Medal (for Human Rights) to a Cuban woman...



7 comments to Female Castro opponent to be honored for courage by Miami Dade College and Florida International University

  • antonio2009

    Hum-Boy-Dah, does this really surprise you knowing FIU's pro-Castro activism and espionage center during the last three decades? Remember convicted spies Prof. Carlos Alvarez and his wife? Accused spies Marifeli Perez-Stable, Lisandro Perez, and other Antonio Maceo Brigade members who teach there? All of this happened under the tenure of simpleton FIU president Modesto Maidique, whose father murdered Senator Rogelio Zayas Bazan by shooting him in the back and years later was killed himself in reprisal?

  • asombra

    Could anyone doubt MDC and FIU would eagerly get on the YS bandwagon? And yes, Maidique does put one in mind of the village idiot. As for MDC's Padrón, he strikes me as tremendo zorro. As for the honoree, why does she dress so, uh, eccentrically? My mother would call it "estrafalaria." I guess it goes with the horse-tail hair, but really, looking like you’re in costume is not really the thing outside show biz. Unless, of course, it’s all just visual irony. As for those other women being ignored, well, it's perfectly simple: none of them had a blog.

  • Oye pero la verdad que aqui en Babalu se aprenden cosas! Especially from notorious Mc Carthyites.

  • asombra

    MDC already set up a scholarship in honor of the late singer Elena Burke, who was very publicly a "revolutionary artist," as they say. True, since she remained in Cuba, there was no way for her to have a career unless she played ball, but either she liked playing it or she put on a very convincing act to that effect. Either way, it's a disgrace, and it was a disgrace to honor her in the capital of Cuban exiles, not to mention an obvious lack of respect for said exiles. FIU's Maidique may have been a glorified moron, but MDC's Padrón is no fool; I think he has tremenda trastienda, if you get my drift.

  • Mr. Mojito

    I've never trusted her. Remember she LEFT Cuba and willingly went back to live there and live in her downtown high rise with her macbook and shelves of books, air conditioner etc.

    I wouldn't put it past the DGI to have her as a plant ... use her to infiltrate exile groups and get info and they allow her to critique for believability. If you're going to have critics anyway, why not CREATE YOUR OWN ???

  • Mr. Mojito

    Asombra, she is a hippie stylistically and as a writer sort of. She has a bohemian streak, and I bet you if she had been born in San Francisco she's be running around with a Che shirt on. Her problem is that Cuba isn't LEFT ENOUGH ??? She sees the Castro's as some "right-wing" fascist, and not a true Anarcho-libertarian-communalist or whatever stupid term they use these days on the far soft left.

  • [...] and female, black and white--in the modern history of the human race defiantly suffered their tortures in Castro's jails and torture chambers. But in my humble experience with some of them, they strongly reject such reverential treatment. [...]