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The Cuban dictatorship’s attempt to undermine our democracy and take down a U.S. Senator

Regardless of where you stand on the controversies swirling around New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, whether you are a Republican or Democrat, a liberal or a conservative, it is hard to deny the unmistakable fingerprints of the Cuban government all over this scandal and that should alarm every American. As a staunch supporter of freedom and liberty in Cuba, Menendez has long been a target of the Castro regime. And Cuban officials and the American lobbyist in their employ not only court their supporters in Washington, they also mount campaigns to destroy and eliminate their enemies.

Tracey Eaton

The latest development in the Menendez scandal has nothing to do with favors for donors or unreported flights on private jets. The truly troubling scandal here has to do with Cuba's criminal and totalitarian government actively mounting an operation in the U.S. Through its agents here, a flagrant attempt has been launched to undermine our democratic system and destroy a sitting U.S. Senator.

In perhaps their boldest move to date, the Castro regime has mobilized one of their most active promoters in the U.S., The Center for Democracy in the Americas, to attack Senator Menendez. The group's name is quite ironic since it is infamous for its close ties to Castro officials and it actively lobbies and promotes Cuba's totalitarian dictatorship here in the U.S. In this new attack, the Center for Democracy in the Americas apparently enlisted the help of journalist Tracey Eaton to write a hit piece on Menendez. Eaton, who previously had done a decent job of remaining objective on his reporting on Cuba, has now in effect become, for lack of a better term, a hired gun for the Castro dictatorship.

Our democratic system is more than capable in determining whether Menendez is guilty or innocent and depending on the outcome of the investigations, he will either be exonerated or pay the price for his bad decisions. That is how things are done in the United States of America. Today, however, every single American should be outraged and should be demanding an investigation into how a rogue and criminal foreign dictatorship can so easily engage in and mount a sophisticated operation to attack and destroy one of our own elected officials.

Capitol Hill Cubans has the report on this latest development:

Pro-Castro Group Takes Aim at Menendez

This morning, journalist Tracey Eaton wrote a post in his blog, Along the Malecon, about Dr. Salomon Melgen and the Federal Aviation Administration.

It was clearly an indirect hit-piece on U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ).

There was no mention of Cuba or Cuba policy, which is the focus of Eaton's blog.

Eaton is a generally thoughtful person.  He's done some great interviews with Cuban pro-democracy activists on and off the island. However, his main focus (or target) are democracy programs, which he feels are secretive and he's strongly opposed to.

We disagree, but fair enough. Yet, today's post seemed out of his usual context.

Then, a few hours later, the weekly "news blast" from The Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA) came out.

Curiously, in a week full of interesting Cuba news -- Senator Leahy's delegation in Havana (and an Iranian one), blogger Yoani Sanchez's trip to Brazil, human rights activist Rosa Maria Paya's speech in Geneva, the state-sponsors of terrorism debate -- it was focused on Dr. Melgen and the FAA (FAA).

And then, the kicker:  "In 'Doctor now flying under the radar,' Tracey Eaton, an investigative reporter with whom our organization is working, has posted a detailed piece about Dr. Melgen..."

The Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA) is a Washington, D.C.-based group, with "unique" access to Castro regime officials, which hosts trips to Cuba for Members of Congress and their staff. They also serve as a public relations tool for the Cuban dictatorship, whether in leading effort to release the so-called "Cuban Five," to unconditionally normalization relations, to sweeping human rights abuses under the rug.

By the way, we don't use the "pro-Castro" label loosely -- here's CDA's Assistant Director lauding Fidel Castro "as an inspiration for developing countries," praising Che Guevara as "Latin America's greatest 20th century hero," validating Castro's "elections," explaining how to "revitalize" socialism in Cuba and inviting everyone to join the "Bolivarian Revolution."

They are now obviously targeting Senator Menendez, who is a strong opponent of Castro's dictatorship.

Now back to Tracey.

Why not disclose to your readers that you are working with this pro-Castro group on Menendez hit pieces?

You don't have to.  After all, it's a free country and -- as a private citizen -- you can write, disclose or not disclose, whatever you'd like.


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