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So who’s pushing Yoani Sanchez’ invite to the White House?


"Sweet dreams are made of this...Travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something
Some of them want to use you."

The petition to petition President Obama to invite Yoani Sanchez to the White House was created by Elvis Fuentes, curator of New York's Museo del Barrio. Mr Fuentes is a 1999 graduate of the Univ. of Havana and until 2002 served (in his native Cuba) as curator for The Ludwig Foundation of Cuba.

In brief, The Ludwig Foundation of Cuba is the foremost proponent--and top vehicle--for cultural and "people to people" Potemkin tours of Stalinist Cuba.

From a declassified Soviet KGB Document translated by Soviet Dissident Vladimir Bukovsky: “Friendship and Cultural Exchange with Foreign Counties are our most effective propaganda”

From The Ludwig Foundation's mission statement:

"American Friends of the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba's commitment to promoting and supporting Cuban art and artists is reflected in its relationships with: (Among many other agencies of the Stalinist regime): "Casa de las Americas"

In 1983 a high ranking Cuban Intelligence officer named Jesus Perez Mendez defected to the U.S. and spilled his guts to the FBI. Among his spillings we encounter the following: "The Cuban DGI (Directorio General de Intelligencia, Castro's KGB/STASI trained Secret service) controls the Casa de las Americas."

Wonder if the "embargo" will come up during Yoani's visit?

YES: "Some of them want to use you...."....

(Oye pero la verdad que a este Fontova le encanta joder!)

1 comment to So who’s pushing Yoani Sanchez’ invite to the White House?

  • asombra

    And some of them want to be (ab)used, or be considered serious players, or be celebrities with the attendant perks. And some of them are too weak to resist the rewards for being, in effect, useful idiots. I repeat, this is not about her intentions or motives, but about her potential to serve the ends of those who stand in the way of Cuba’s freedom and recuperation. If she winds up serving those ends, it will make no real difference what she herself thought she was doing or wanted to accomplish. And no, I don’t think she’s smart or crafty enough to play the game successfully against the kind of operators who stand ready to take advantage of her, even if she’s totally on the level. Frankly, from what I know of her, she strikes me as someone practically begging to be used.