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More news from the Ministry of Complaints


South African medical students at a London airport, on their way to the Castro Kingdom

Last week news surfaced of uppity South African medical students in the Castro Kingdom who dared to complain about their living conditions.  Some went on strike.  Some were arrested outside the South African embassy.

This week we learn of  their impending deportation.

And it looks as if the writer for Business Daily -- a South African -- has been well schooled in the art of understatement, something bequeathed to his culture by British colonial overlords.

This sentence alone, which seeks to describe the shock of living in Castrogonia --  should win some kind of prize:  "there might also be problems of cultural differences, adaptability and perhaps psychosocial changes, which make it difficult for them [the students] to cope with their studies."

No word on how much the South African government pays the Castro regime for each of these students, or on how much moola they stand to lose when these despicably greedy students are kicked off the island.

South African medical students in Cuba may be deported

by Bekezela Phakathi 26 Feb (Business Daily)

THE government was unable to meet the demands of South African medical students in Cuba who embarked on an illegal strike earlier this month, and a process of deportation would start "if indeed we cannot meet one another", the Department of Higher Education and Training said on Tuesday.

Earlier this month, 187 of the 1,200 South African students studying medicine in Cuba went on strike demanding that their monthly stipend of $200 be increased more than 300%. The students also demanded that a health attaché be sent to Cuba, and that they no longer be served any meals that contain pork.

Speaking during a media briefing in Parliament on Tuesday, Higher Education and Training Deputy Minister Mduduzi Manana said the government could not meet the students’ demands, and officials had been assigned to work closely with the health department and the embassy on the issue.

"The reality is that we will not meet the demands of the students ... we will arrange with the embassy to begin a process of deportation if indeed we cannot meet one another," Mr Manana said.

The 1,200 medical students studying in Cuba are provided with full tuition, board and Spanish lessons paid for by the various provincial health departments.

Last week, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi wrote to the students telling them the government would not meet their "outrageous and unreasonable demand of $700 per month".

Health department spokesman Joe Maila last week said: "The minister has stated this point unambiguously and emphasises that at no stage will such a demand ever be entertained."

Mr Maila said the students started their strike on February 7 when they first raised the issues of the stipend, health attaché and their refusal to eat the pork provided on campus.

"In dealing with this matter, the department suspected there might also be problems of cultural differences, adaptability and perhaps psychosocial changes, which make it difficult for them to cope with their studies," he said.

... continue reading HERE...

4 comments to More news from the Ministry of Complaints

  • La Conchita

    "...they no longer be served any meals that contain pork."

    Pero chico! What kind of ingratitude (and insanity) is that? You're in "CUBA", and you DON'T want eat lechon? Who's their travel agent? What kind of 'beef' were these poor souls sold on???

  • ranavy33

    How uppity can you get? Don't they know they would be depriving the Regime of currency if they get an increase in their stipend?

  • La Conchita

    "...demanding that their monthly stipend of $200 be increased more than 300%."

    In Cuba? To buy what?

  • asombra

    So they want to be paid, as students, over 10 times the salary of the average Cuban MD. Rich.