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Chavez Death Watch: And now for something not so different

chavez cancer

Here we go again...this  damn rollercoaster won't stop....

Nicolas "Saddamito" Maduro, president de facto of Venenozuela has announced that Hugo Chavez is undergoing more chemotherapy treatments.   This contradicts two other news stories that surfaced this week:

1.  He was brain dead for two months and died last week (according to CNN Chile).

2. He is receiving nothing more than palliative care and was moved to a remote island after doctors discovered a new aggressive tumor in one of his lungs (according to ABC Spain).

Saddamito el Madurito "revealed" the news after a Mass for the recovery of the ailing president, which was held at the chapel of  the military hospital where Chavez is supposedly being treated.  He emphasized that Chavez is "fighting for his life," and that "these treatments are tough, but Chavez is tougher than them."  He also said that Chavez is still on a respirator, but that this is no obstacle for the great warrior, who carries on his work as if he were hale and hearty.  Then he blathered on about el Caudillo's many virtues, the great accomplishments of the Bolivarian Revolution, the vile nature of the opposition, etc... blah, blah, blah...

Of course, all of the major news services are giving credence to Saddamito and broadcasting his story as a major revelation.  See BBC, HERE.

The long and short of it:  No proof has been offered to back up any of these conflicting reports.  Chavez is still out of sight.  Only a handful of individuals know what is really going on.

....okay... mira que este profesor distraido está obsesionado con este tema... que tétrico... es como un buitre este tipo... siempre dando vueltas sobre el cadaver potencial de este gordo moribundo... fíjandose minuciosamente en cada detalle....parace que le da placer contemplar el sufrimiento y la agonía de los tiranos.....hay que llevarlo al manicomio para que le enderezen el cerebro.... le ronca.....

3 comments to Chavez Death Watch: And now for something not so different

  • Whatever. Thanks to your ABC/Chavez post from yesterday, on SunNews (where I simply regurgitated it) I almost came across as an "EXPERT!" or was it "an ANALYST?" or even a "SPECIALIST?"

  • beakerkin

    He is paying for believing in a myth. Oddly, he would have been able to find scores of Marxist MD's in the USA who would have kept him around.

  • asombra

    Proof? What is that, a fascist fetish? The truth is what the "Bolivarian" leadership needs to be. Got it?