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Products of slave labor fetch over a million dollars at auction


Cuban slaves at work

Yeah.  There was a cigar auction in Havana this weekend.  And foreigners lined up to pay big bucks for their slave-produced smokes.... and...

.... yeah, sure, the money went straight to the neediest hospitals and clinics.  You bet.  Top priority, for sure.

Meanwhile Danny Glover & company get no grief at all for aping -- or topping -- Dennis Rodman's performance in North Korea.

From Raw Story:

Cuba auctions cigars to raise money for health system

An auction of luxury cigar humidors in Cuba fetched $1.1 million, which will go toward the public health system, the state news agency said Sunday.

The sale came at an international cigar festival attended by celebrities such as American actor Danny Glover and German tennis great Boris Becker, Prensa Latina said.

Six fancy wooden humidors containing between 350 and 550 cigars each were sold at the auction Saturday night, the report said.

Glover received a silver sculpture in thanks for his support for Cuba and for his role in the “fight for peace and justice,” the agency said.


8 comments to Products of slave labor fetch over a million dollars at auction

  • Rayarena

    Well, you know how it is. Those Cuban cigar makers--that is to say, those slaves--are not Central American maquinadoras, so they're not really slaves and therefore not worthy of Glover's, or any other Hollywood performer's concern. Now the maquinadoras, even though they make more money than Cubans, and contract on their own--are worthy of concern, well, because they come from so-called right winged countries and work for US companies.

  • asombra

    I wonder if this asshole really can't see how TOTALLY out of line he is. I mean, he might well be that dense, but then again, maybe this is now his only way to get attention. He must have an awful lot of free time (as in, no acting jobs) to be bothering this much with Cuba. When was the last time he had a movie part of any consequence? Has he even done an infomercial in the past few years? But if he wants to do the Belafonte activist thing to compensate for a stalled/faded career, what the hell is he doing championing some white Cuban guys? Well, maybe he really is stupid--or desperate.

  • mojo

    Who'd they steal the statue from, one wonders.

  • Rayarena

    Years ago when I was younger, along with a group of Cuban college students, we used to crash all pro-castro talks on different campuses in NYC in order to provide balance. I remember, the pro-castroites often used to attack the white Cubans in our group and tell them that they had no right to talk about Cuba. The Lateeno Americans, blacks and liberal whites felt that Cuba was a black country and that therefore white Cubans had no say in it. Perhaps this is Glover's way of thinking? Just speculating. He looks like the type that would think like this.

  • Rayarena

    Let me add, that because they felt that Cuba was a black country, they also felt that they could talk about Cuba, whereas, no white Cuban exile could, so following that line of thinking, Glover has more of a right to discuss Cuba than practically everyone else here on Babalublog.

  • asombra

    Well, Ray, all Cubans are people of color, icluding Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, so what's your problem?

  • ranavy33

    "$1.1 million to go toward the public health sector" - let me translate this:
    "$1.1 million to add to the Castro family's Swiss bank accounts."

  • asombra

    It's $1.1 million for the Castro discretionary fund, which might include health care. Or not.