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Tennis great Boris Becker (son of a Czech refugee from Stalinism) “Guest of Honor” at (Stalinist) Cuba’s 15th annual Cigar Festival

Boris Becker's mother Elvira Pisch fled Russian tanks the first go-round--towards the end of WWII when Stalin "liberated" her native Czechoslovakia. She then lived for some time in a refugee camp in West Germany.

Among the few "national leaders" on earth to publicly celebrate the 2nd Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 was Fidel Castro.

"Right here, I wish to make the first important affirmation: we considered that Czechoslovakia was moving toward a counter-revolutionary situation. Toward capitalism and into the arms of imperialism...we consider that it was absolutely necessary, at all cost, in one way or
another, to prevent this eventuality from taking place."

Fidel and Brezhnev copy

On this side of Alice's Looking Glass Elvira's loving son would denounce Communism in general and --especially--the Soviet brand. Instead her son Boris Becker was guest of honor at Havana Cigar Festival this week helping raise money for Cuba's Stalinist regime.

The 45-year-old Becker, who traveled to Havana with his wife, told reporters he visited the Cohiba cigar factory, tried to dance to salsa music and went to the Cuban National Ballet headquarters, where he met the director, 92-year-old Alicia Alonso.

Fidel laughing8

"Propaganda is vital--Propaganda is the heart of our struggle." (Fidel Castro 1955)

5 comments to Tennis great Boris Becker (son of a Czech refugee from Stalinism) “Guest of Honor” at (Stalinist) Cuba’s 15th annual Cigar Festival

  • antonio2009

    Tremendo bofe.

  • asombra

    Another has-been trying to recapture being A-list, same as Rodman or Glover, except his family history makes him worse. It is an absolute lack of dignity, utterly disreputable. Well, shit happens.

  • asombra

    Note the medals on Brezhnev, which he gave himself (he was a major medals whore). Reminds me of all the faux military bling on Castro II.

  • asombra

    I expect Becker's cigar is bigger than his penis, but in any case, he's a dick.

  • asombra

    Meeting Alonso was presumably a consolation prize for not meeting Nosferatu. He got The Bride of Nosferatu.