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Cuban dissident’s widow speaks out for truth and nonviolence

Via Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Cuban dissident's widow speaks out for truth and nonviolence

Ofelia Acevedo at funeral service for her husband Oswaldo Payá

Fellowship in Truth.

By Ofelia Acevedo

For the day of your birthday

Yesterday February 28 my husband Oswaldo Payá would've turned 61 years old. We used to celebrate with family and our steadfast friends. On this occasion, and for the first time, his family celebrated with steadfast friends, in an intimate and beautiful Mass, with his remains as a witness and his spiritual presence among us. All who were there knew that this was so.

Yesterday I also knew that our daughter Rosa Maria Madrid had finally managed to meet Ángel Carromero, the young Spanish politician who was driving the car where my husband and Harold Escalante were traveling. How important was to my family that interview I started to demand from the first contact I had with that officer of Criminology, who said he was Major Sanchez (on the premises of the Institute of Legal Medicine), I will never forget that afternoon of July 23 2012, who they sent from Bayamo with the body of my husband. I had clearly expressed to him that I wanted to meet with the survivors, that I had that right. He himself can confirm this, and all who have seen the film, while the short interview progressed, we had an officer with a video camera, almost on top of us. I also requested to allow me to interview the survivors to the ambassadors of Spain and Sweden on several occasions, although they let me know that was not in their hands. The kidnappers of Angel and Aron never allowed me to meet the survivors.

Now was that our daughter, being in Madrid, she could see the brave young Spaniard personally, who was a victim for four months of the mechanism of terror of Cuban State Security, and once in Spain, continues to be a victim of vicious hate filled mobs, fed God only knows with what lies, that threaten and frighten him. He is also a victim of arbitrary attitudes and shameless sectors responding to sinister interests, apparently not knowing that they are mistreating him and try to distort him. They do not understand that those who have a clear conscience and free cannot be silenced or bought, because that conscience is the voice of God.

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