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  • asombra: It’s all a done deal anyway–un pan amasado. This is just window dressing.

  • asombra: Can you say HACKS? I can. But it’s OK. The pope’s behind it.

  • asombra: Ay, Carlos, qué te voy a decir? But really, it’s not us who should be decrying this, but the American people, whose...

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Want to meet Yoani Sanchez when she’s in Miami? It will cost you $100 per person or $1,000 for a table

The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba, an arm of the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF), is hosting an event in Coral Gables where for $100 per person or $1,000 per table, you get to spend a "momentous evening" with Yoani Sanchez and "share a very special night with one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people and the voice of Generation Y."

FHRC Presents: An Evening with Yoani Sanchez


 The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba invites you to join us on this momentous evening as we celebrate the work of one of Cuba's most influential activsits. Through blog posts and 140 character tweets, Yoani Sanchez has provided the international community with a small window into the realities of everyday life in Cuba. Do not miss this unique opportunity to share a very special night with one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people and the voice of Generation Y.

La Fundación para los Derechos Humanos en Cuba le invita a compartir con nosotros en este evento insigne en que celebramos la labor de una de los activistas más influyentes de nuestra Cuba. En cada texto de su blog y en sus tweets de 140 caracteres, Yoani Sánchez permite a la comunidad internacional asomarse a las realidades de la vida cotidiana en Cuba. No pierda esta oportunidad única de compartir una noche muy especial con una de las 100 personas más influyentes del mundo según la revista Time, y la voz de la Generación Y.

7:00 PM Cocktail Reception
8:00 PM Dinner & Presentation
Coral Gables Country Club
997 North Greenway Drive
(Entrance at 990 Alhambra Circle)
Miami, FL 33134
Attire: Business Casual

Limited Seating Available

All Attendees MUST RSVP via Email, Event Page or by contacting Sisi Portuondo

Price: $1,000 for a table of 10 people OR $100 per person

8 comments to Want to meet Yoani Sanchez when she’s in Miami? It will cost you $100 per person or $1,000 for a table

  • Luis3939

    Cubans on the Island sure love Capitalism!

  • Honey

    Who is the recipient of this money?

  • It's probable a vegan dinner.

  • Rayarena

    Leave it up to CANF to host a $100.00 plate dinner for Yoanni. Why are they doing this? CANF has become a non-player. Jorgito, Jr. [who has had run-ins with the law] destroyed the once power organization. I can understand if CANF was poltically active and needed to do this in order to finance their day-to-day expenses, but they don't. CANF no longer has 50,000 members, they no longer, even, update their website, so what's the purpose of this dinner? Is it just to make a profit? Wouldn't suprise me, look at how Jorgito [who is already a multi-millionaire] sold the Freedom Tower afer Jorge Mas Canosa [who had purchased it with the intent of creaing a Cuban History Musuem] sold it at a profit

  • Gigi

    $100/$1000 still doesn't hold a candle to the estefans' fundraising obamafest.

  • asombra

    Gee, I wonder who'll be there pawing her and seizing the photo-op. Actually, I don't wonder. The only question is who won't.

  • Ricardo

    Not interested in her anymore. Biscet is the man.

  • asombra

    The "insurgent" Fidel also went on a foreign tour to drum up support (read money) for his, uh, cause. Starting in October of 1955, he visited New York City, Tampa, Miami, Key West and Nassau for a series of fundraising speeches. Do with that what you will.