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  • asombra: If she were up against the Pinochet regime, she’d be a big star. Funny how that works.

  • asombra: Another non-white ball player, of course.

  • asombra: Forget Desi Arnaz. When supposedly serious sources call Ted Cruz or Rubio non-white, you know there’s a problem, and I...

  • asombra: Santos is a classic case of a smarmy weasel who thinks he can wiggle his way into or around anything. I wouldn’t trust him...

  • asombra: Peogrande may well be working “pro bono,” like Ana Belen Montes apparently was. If it was just for money, I expect...

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When Only A Rolex Will Do


13 comments to When Only A Rolex Will Do

  • Why is the principal conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic lumped together with those goons?

  • FreedomForCuba

    pitbull, get in with the program, lol.

    Gustavo Dudamel is Venezuelan and for what I'm reading a Chavez's supporter. As a matter of fact just announced that he'll attend Chavez's funeral in Caracas.

    • I knew that already. But he is not che, chavez, or fidel. Maybe he belongs on a poster with useful idiots like Sean Penn and Oliver Stone, but not on this one.

  • FreedomForCuba

    And now Maduro announced that they're going to embalm Chavez and place his body in a mausoleum to display like Lenin and Mao.

  • FreedomForCuba

    They will use Chavez's embalmed corpse as a symbol to perpetuate his Robolution too because they don't know for how long they'll be able to control power in Venezuela.

    Venezuela is in shambles after fifteen years of Hugo Chavez economic mismanagement. Even with the huge oil revenues Venezuela earns, it won't be able to avoid a future economic crash that will lead to political instability.

    If anything these Castro/Chavez characters are good at is running their countries into the ground...

  • Luis3939

    La Opinion in Los Angeles loves Gustavo Dudamel. Now I know why.

  • asombra

    Musical talent aside, Dudamel strikes me as a photogenic wannabe celebrity, working in a highly leftist setting and identified with the Latrine world. He's not about to risk becoming a target for the Penn posse, the Che-loving "Latino" crowd, or the leftist Latrine countries. He may or may not truly sympathize with chavismo, but even if he doesn't, he's thinking image and career. In other words, he's either a limo leftist or a "pragmatist." He may not belong in this photo montage, but he's compromised, alright.

  • asombra

    But these frauds are still proletarian and shit. Besides, if the proletariat is OK with BS...well, do the math.

  • asombra

    Does Che look like a snotty punk or what? And you know what that ostentatiously big cigar suggests. As for Cretina, she really shouldn't wear anything that calls attention to her dumpy hands with those coarse, stubby fingers (don't get me started on her eyeliner abuse issues). Really, it's better to be safely dowdy like Chile's Bachelet than run around like an aging Beverly Hills rich man's wife on artificial looks support. "Artificial looks support." Not a bad turn of phrase, if I do say so myself.

  • Asombra, his talent is real, he is a fine conductor with enormous potential -- although I do think he is being pushed to hard and too fast to be the "next best thing" on world podiums. As to his political common sense? None.

  • asombra

    I expect part of the reason he’s being pushed is PC-based. If he were more brown or overtly “indigenous” like Evo Morales, he’d probably be pushed even harder. As for his conducting talent, like talent in any area, that in no way precludes serious flaws in other areas. Wagner, for instance, was a lousy human being who happened to be a musical genius. Same goes for Picasso. That list is quite long.

    • Wagner was vile, despicable, amoral, and a rabid anti-semite. Yet, if you listen to the final act of Die Walküre, you have to marvel at how that same despicable human being could write such glorious music...