Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez Tour Update

Cuban dissident and blogger Yoani Sanchez continues her tour around the world. Here is an update on her travels:

Via The Miami Herald:

Poised yet savage, blogger Yoani Sanchez takes on Cuba’s sclerotic Castro regime

  Cuban blogger and dissident Yoani Sanchez is mobbed by journalists at the Inter American Press Association conference Saturday, March 9, 2013 in Puebla, Mexico. Sanchez, who is probably Cuba's best known dissident, spoke to the group, whose membership is made up of newspaper publishers and editors from the Western Hemisphere. PUEBLA, Mexico — The shouts could be heard easily inside the hotel where Yoani Sanchez was appearing over the weekend. “Down with Yoani!” they resonated from a small clique of pro-Castro protesters who’d gathered outside.

Inside, Sanchez took the calls in stride.

“I’m not afraid of these insults,” she said. She expects to get worse treatment – a virtual “public stoning,” as she called it – when she returns to Cuba – her “cage” – at the end of a whirlwind global tour that began Feb. 17 and is expected to last nearly three months, including a stop next week in Washington.

Watching her address reporters, editors and publishers over two days at a conference in this Mexican city, it is easy to see how Sanchez has become a thorn in the side of Cuba’s creaky regime.

Looking like a throwback to the 1960s, with her loose blouses and her flowing black hair, Sanchez, 37, comes across as poised and unflappable. Yet her language is savage. Her tour – the first time she’d been allowed to leave the island since she became an internationally known blogger and dissident – has been like stepping into a time machine that carried her from an island locked in the past, she said.

“We Cubans don’t deserve what we are living through,” she said. “I think Cubans deserve to be citizens of the 21st century, in all senses, to test the challenges of modernity.”

Sanchez’s soft demeanor is in contrast to her implacable criticism of autocratic rule. For her, the Castro brothers – Fidel and Raul – who have governed Cuba since 1959, are walking dead and their island is on an inevitable countdown.

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Via CBS 4 – Miami:

Tickets Available For Yoani Sanchez Appearance In Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – When Cuban dissident blogger makes her way to South Florida next month, she’s scheduled to speak at Miami Dade College’s Freedom Tower.

Free tickets for the April 1st event are available through the end of the week on a first come-first serve basis. There is a limit of two tickets per person. The presentation will be in Spanish.

The tickets are available the Miami Dade Colleges’ Wolfson, Kendall, InterAmerican and Hialeah campuses.

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Via The Herald’s Naked Politics Blog:

Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez to visit Congress

Yoani Sánchez, the dissident Cuban blogger who since last month has been on an international tour after being granted a passport, will meet with U.S. senators and representatives on March 19, Sen. Bill Nelson‘s office announced Monday.

Nelson, of Florida, and Miami Rep. Joe Garcia, both Democrats, invited Sánchez to visit. She plans to spend a couple of days in Washington D.C., and she is scheduled to stop in Miami in April.

“I look forward to this meeting and her unique view of the realities of life in Cuba,” Nelson said in a statement.

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