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“Reforms” you can believe in, for sure


From Australia, of all places, and from an obscure church web site, yet another reminder of the wonderful reforms taking place in the Castro Kingdom.

And another reminder that all of those "news" stories about jaywalkers, transgendered politicians, and book fairs are but carefully crafted distractions and smokescreens that divert attention from the main event.

Unfortunately, that main event is repression.  Even sadder, the repression is carried out by Cubans, not by some foreign occupying force, and not just by police or state security agents, but by the neighbor next door, so to speak.  Yes, the barbarians have no borders to cross, no towns to besiege, no gates to crash through.  The barbarians are home-grown and as Cuban as those attacked by them.

Church closed and pastor attacked in Havana Province

By: Christian Solidarity Worldwide
Thursday, 14 March 2013, 8:45 (EST)

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has learned that the Full Gospel Church was forcibly closed in Havana Province at the end of February, leaving more than 200 people without a place of worship. A week before the church closure, the pastor of the church, Jesus Hernandez, was attacked by an armed mob as he was sleeping in his home.

State security agents shut down and sealed the doors of the Full Gospel Church in the Lotería neighbourhood in the Municipality of Cotorro in the last days of February, confiscating all of church’s belongings, including chairs and musical instruments.

According to Caridad Diego, the head of the Cuban Communist Party Office of Religious Affairs (ORA), which oversees all religious activity in Cuba, the church and everything inside were confiscated because of a dispute over ownership of the church. This account is contradicted however, by members of the church, who told CSW that the church has existed in its present location for more than 15 years, led by the same pastor and without problems.

The forced closure and confiscation of church property followed a disturbing mob attack on the home of Pastor Hernandez at 2am while he was asleep inside. According to witnesses, the people in the mob were carrying sticks, baseball bats and also threatened his teenage son. After the attack and the confiscation of the church building, Pastor Hernandez and other church leaders attempted to resolve the problem in a meeting with Caridad Diego and other officials at ORA, which proved futile.

Continue reading HERE.

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