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“Dean Rusk” still hell-bent on protecting Castroism

(above)The Best and Brightest!

Sec. of State of the time Dean Rusk is widely credited with prevailing upon JFK to cancel the crucial 2nd and 3rd air strikes prior to the Bay of Pigs landing that would have wiped out Castro's Air force. This decision is widely credited with dooming the invasion and thus Cuba's liberation....the rest is history.

Soon the Dean Rusk Center for International Law and Policy at the Univ. of Georgia will host a Conference titled:

The Cuban Embargo: Policy Outlook after 50 Years

The "conference" will: "discuss the executive and legislative pathways for removing sanctions and...exploring opportunities for trade and investment and the prospects for a U.S.-Cuban economic relationship in a post embargo regime."

"C. Donald Johnson, the director of the University of Georgia School of Law’s Dean Rusk Center said that he favors further loosening of the embargo, but that he did not want to have the conference only one sided."

I SWEAR I am not making the following up:

Out of eight speakers two are full-bore apparatchiks of the Stalinist regime (Univ. of Havana professors) six are these apparatchiks' auxiliaries (witting or otherwise, like the Conference sponsor they oppose the embargo.) And exactly two favor the "embargo" (i.e. contrarians in the quest to administer emergency life-support to Castroism.)

(Again) I SWEAR I am not making the following up:

The Keynote speaker will be José R. Cabañas, chief of the Cuban Interest Section in Washington D.C. i.e. Castro's top diplomat (propagandist-spy) in the U.S.

Can somebody find me an instance where the top diplomat of a Terror-Sponsoring regime has proudly headlined as the keynote speaker for a conference of this kind held in the U.S.? I search in utter vain...Would Iran's or Syria's top U.S. diplomats be proudly billed in this fashion at ritzy academic conferences?...I thought (hoped?) that such people only headlined "conferences" held in secret by the FBI.


3 comments to “Dean Rusk” still hell-bent on protecting Castroism

  • Rov Wallace

    Reality is stranger than fiction. A thousand years from now if all of these things might find their way into the people living in that remote future for them it will be the same as for us today believing that more than two-thousand years ago a guy named Samson killed a thousand men with the jawbone of an ass.

  • asombra

    These "Camelot" people have a variant of Jimmy Carter Disease. Enough said.

  • asombra

    Dean Rusk Center. Carter Center. Same difference.