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Smear Campaign Against Pope Francis Runs Into Major Obstacle

Francisco Jalics

Francisco Jalics

As soon as Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina was elected pope, news media around the globe instantly linked him to the military junta that ruled Argentina thirty years ago.  Charges that he had been complicit in the arrest and torture of other priests, and that he had done absolutely nothing to protect his flock from neo-fascists seemed to come from all corners of Argentina, as journalists dragged up all the dirt they could possibly find.

Well, as it turns out,  one of those individuals supposedly betrayed by Bergoglio has now come forward with his version of events.  And what he has to say will not please anyone on the left, either in the Church or in secular society.

Imprisoned priest Francisco Jalics breaks silence over Pope Francis, clearing him of  involvement in ‘Dirty War’

Jalics had been silent for years in a German monastery. He once thought then-Cardinal Bergoglio played a role in his arrest.

A priest who was imprisoned for five months during Argentina’s “Dirty War” of the 1970s has cleared Pope Francis for an alleged connection to the arrest.

Argentine critics of Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio have waged a whisper campaign against the new Pope by attempting to link him to leftist purges conducted by the nation’s ruling junta — citing circumstantial evidence about the “disappearance” of two priests, Francisco Jalics and the late Orlando Yorio.


But Jalics, who lives in a monastery in Germany, cleared the air Wednesday.

“I myself was once inclined to believe that we were the victims of a denunciation (by Bergoglio),” Jalics said in a statement. “(But) at the end of the '90s, after numerous conversations, it became clear to me that this suspicion was unfounded.

“It is therefore wrong to assert that our capture took place at the initiative of Father Bergoglio,” he continued.

Continue reading HERE.

So much for that smear campaign.   In the meantime, the Vatican has announced that Pope Francis will be saying Holy Thursday mass at a juvenile prison near Rome, and that he will wash the feet of twelve inmates.   This is nothing new for him --merely a continuation of what he'd been doing in Argentina -- but it comes as a shock to Vatican traditionalists.  Let's wait and see how he gets skewered for this.  Those who loathe him merely because he's the pope will find something distasteful and offensive in this gesture of abject humility.

That story HERE.

Before he was pope: Archbishop Bergoglio washes the feet of drug addicts in a Buenos Aires slum

Before he was pope: Archbishop Bergoglio washes the feet of drug addicts in a Buenos Aires slum

1 comment to Smear Campaign Against Pope Francis Runs Into Major Obstacle

  • asombra

    These same accusers would not condemn Cardinal Ortega for playing footsie with Castro, Inc. Ergo, they‘re full of shit and have no credibility. So what else is new?