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Venezuela’s Maduro: ‘A fascist in his own right’

Via Venezuela's El Universo:

"Maduro is a fascist in his own right"

"Nicolás lacks what is needed for governance. He is the candidate of Raúl (Castro, the Cuban leader); I am the candidate of Venezuelans"

Times of restraint are left behind. Venezuelan candidate for the opposition Unified Democratic Panel (MUD), Henrique Capriles Radonski, is back with all his might. "I will put a good fight," he sums up.

- You claim to be ready for being Venezuela's President. Why did you think it over? It was even thought that you weighed the possibility of not running for president.

- Never. Not only as regards the presidency, but also the fight. I considered the violations of the Constitution. For instance, the judgment (of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, TSJ), under which (Venezuela's acting President Nicolás) Maduro may be both the president and the candidate (for the ruling United Sociality Party of Venezuela, PSUV).

- Do you mean that you never ruled out the possibility of not being a presidential candidate?

- It is not a question of being or not a candidate. I appreciate the support of all the opposition coalition's political parties, but this goes beyond the candidacy. It is a question of principles, of fight and how to bring it forward to the country. This was what I pondered.

- Anyhow, was not your duty with that chunk of the country that voted you (in the past election for Venezuelan president)?

- I think so. It is truth, though, that we have all the odds stacked against us. Let me explain it to you. Imagine a soccer game. We are the Vinotinto (Venezuela's soccer team) and will face another team. However, our fans are not allowed to be on the grandstand. The referee favors the opposite team. You are losing at the outset. Only two minutes remain. What can you do?

- You have two choices: play or not play.

- I resolved to play. Let's score goals and cash in on the only advantage we have. Despite some media outlets have censored themselves and some journalists fear to do their work, the world is watching us. (...)  Nicolás (Maduro) thinks he can lie at leisure, but lies are defeated with truth. Now, the electoral ambit is just a part of the fight.

Continue reading HERE.

3 comments to Venezuela’s Maduro: ‘A fascist in his own right’

  • asombra

    I'm sorry, but this guy's a lightweight. And he sounds it.

  • asombra

    Capriles looks like he belongs in Disneyworld. Not gonna cut it.

  • FreedomForCuba

    He's a lightweight alright asombra,

    Next moth you'll witness how the Maduro camp will steal the Venezuelan elections results one more time (like Chavez did before dying) and one more time Capriles will surrender like he did last October.

    This is a Latrine thing and at this point Venezuelans are beyond latrine, I know you understand very well...