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“I feel like I’m on vacation!” Fidel Castro while a prisoner of (the UNSPEAKABLE!!!) Batista


"Yesterday my brother sent me a ham from Oriente, so I made steak with guava jelly. Today I got a jar of pineapple rings in Syrup...All I have to do is think of something and PRESTO! It's here! I also filter my Coffee and it comes out great! yesterday i received a box of H. Upmann cigars from Dr Miro Cardona, two excellent boxes,,I'm preparing to dine on spaghetti and squid, italian candy for dessert, a cup of hot coffee and then an H. Upmann No. 4...When I sit outside in my shorts in the morning sun and the sea breeze, I think I'm on a beach and later in a restaurant. I feel I'm on vacation!" (Fidel Castro, Prison letters, April 10, 1955.)

(Fidel Castro, btw, was in prison after conviction by an independent judiciary of a terrorist act that killed dozens. This transpired under "DICTATOR" Fulgencio Batista, as we're informed by all 'expert" media and academic sources.


On the other hand:

The Inter-American Commission for Human Rights (CIDH) is calling for "cautionary measures" to help Cuban opposition member Sonia Garro. CIDH considers the life and health of activist Sonia Garro to be in imminent danger. Garro, who is an activist with the Independent Afro Cuban Foundation and a Lady in White, was imprisoned on March 18th of last year and since then remains incarcerated at the Eastern Penitentiary for Women where she is constantly threatened. The Organization of American States (OAS) has determined that Sonia Garro's life and health are in imminent danger and has stated that the activist suffers from various illnesses. The organization also adds that because of an incident that took place in the prison, authorities suspended the delivery of food from her family members, which in her state of health, is her only source of sustenance...

(Sonia Garro, btw, was brutalized and arrested by KGB-tutored police for carrying flowers. This transpired under "PRESIDENT" Castro, as we're informed by all "expert" media and academic sources.)

1 comment to “I feel like I’m on vacation!” Fidel Castro while a prisoner of (the UNSPEAKABLE!!!) Batista

  • asombra

    In the top photo, guess who's the Joker? Hint: he's not wearing black. Frankly, Fidel had every reason to hold Americans in contempt, given how many of them eagerly and willingly stooped to kiss his ass.