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  • asombra: Practically all “Latin” America is a mess; it’s just that some parts of it are messier than others.

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  • Gallardo: “…is bad news for an island trying to improve its economy” Sure, till this day there is no market economy...

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  • asombra: Cubans on the island procreate just fine. They just abort the consequences in record numbers. I will never forget, a few years...

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“I want to be the next Kim Kardashian!” admits Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte


A few months back here at Babalu we speculated that (half-Cuban) Ryan Lochte (unlike William Levy) eschews any hint of right-wing intransigence simply out of career calculations. (I.E. such chusmeria just doesn't become celebrities.)

Well, today from the The Hollywood Reporter:

Ryan Lochte knows exactly what he wants. He wants to be Kim Kardashian -- and isn't ashamed to admit it. Lochte doesn't want to miss his moment, and he's sure this is it.

"Kim started from pretty much nothing, and now everyone everywhere knows who she is," he says. "That's what I want to do."

You gotta love his honesty and straight-talk.

12 comments to “I want to be the next Kim Kardashian!” admits Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte

  • asombra

    Look, he's only half-Cuban, and at least he's not wearing some Mao purse like Cameron Diaz. Besides, what's worse, another KK or another Goldilocks Garcia?

  • asombra

    Any resemblance to Jeff Spicoli is purely coincidental.

  • Lynx

    All she did was to make a sex tape, so it should be easy to do

  • FreedomForCuba

    Indeed pitbull, another comemierda...

  • Straight-talk is admirable from any point on the political compass. I wish we had more like Ryan.

  • Rayarena

    Poor Ryan, really nice guy and a great swimmer, but everyone knows that he's as dumb as a sack of rocks!

    Michael Phelps is, also, also not exactly a genius. In fact, he's as bright as a guppy. I know that athletes are generally exactly not a bunch of Einsteins, but these two take the cake.

    Still, as long as he's not as vicious as that other half-Cuban, Cameron Diaz. Not only does she carry Mao bags, but she's supposed to be horrible to anyone who asks her for an autograph. On top of that, the bitch is flippant about being half-Cuban. I saw her making some stupid remark about her Cuban side of the family being impressed that she was blond or some shit like that.

  • antonio2009

    "I'm mah let you finish but . . ."

  • asombra

    No, George. This is an old American type, the dumb jock who just wants to party and be famous. He might as well be up front about it, as opposed to putting on absurdly pretentious airs like Sean Penn and company.

  • theCardinal

    the problem isn't that he's half Cuban and half American...his problem is that he's all Florida Gator.

  • That explains it, Cardinal! (Sorry, Henry...)