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Happy Cuban Anniversary: Jay-Z and Beyonce support murderous regime

Jorge Bonilla at The Shark Tank:

Happy Cuban Anniversary: Jay-Z and Beyonce support murderous regime

hovanaIt turns out that John Edwards was right after all. There are two Americas. In one of them, you work hard, pay your taxes, grind out an existence for your family, and try to navigate the maze of ever-expanding rules and regulations that the Obamite regime lay before you. In the other America, you are a bajillionaire Friend Of Barack, and are unencumbered by such things as rules, laws, or even basic human decency and sensitivity to the plight of the oppressed.

U.S. Rep. Mario Díaz-Balart, among other Republican legislators, is right to inquire about the legality of this trip as well as how the permission structures were navigated. Captain Ed notes that the cultural-exchange permission isn’t that easy to obtain, so it begs the question: who signed off on it?

On the one hand, I almost get it. Take a look at the feature pic again, and it’s “Bonnie and Clyde” all over again. Hov strolling down Havana streets, rockin’ a Panama and enjoying local tobacco. Very Godfather II-ish…that is, if Kanyé betrayed him to Hyman Roth. Then there’s Queen Bey, who wants to evoke Celia Cruz’ 1974-in-Zaire look- updo and all…albeit with the authenticity of a Canal Street Rolex. I’m fairly certain, though, that the Queen of Salsa would’ve stomped Sasha Fierce into wine were she here to witness this disgraceful display.

Continue reading HERE.

2 comments to Happy Cuban Anniversary: Jay-Z and Beyonce support murderous regime

  • Rayarena

    And the horrible thing is that if you go to discussion boards [like] where Jay-z and Beyonce's trip is being disussed, 99% of the people don't understand what we Cuban exiles are upset about, the posters on those boards are repeating the regime's soundbytes about the right of Americans to travel to Cuba, many of them are trouncing Cuban exiles and they unequivocally support everyone's right to go to Cuba and enjoy a mojito by the beach.

    Then again, can you blame them? The MSM spends all of its time trivializing Cuba. Instead of talking about the valiant Ladies in White in the same fashion that they did the dubious Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, they talk about Cuban men with 12 fingers, the biggest bicycle in the world, cigar festivals and trannies winning local elections.

  • asombra

    The media distorts and misrepresents Cuba's reality, as it has since before 1959 (see Herbert Matthews).