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Rise of the Collective – Your Kids Will be Our Kids

“We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to their communities.”



Resistance is futile.

3 comments to Rise of the Collective – Your Kids Will be Our Kids

  • drillanwr

    "We have never invested as much in public education as we should have ... we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities." - Melissa Harris-Perry MSNBC

    Note to Melissa Harris-Perry:

    Some of the most money spent on public education in this country is being done in such places as Cleveland, Chicago, Washington DC, Detroit, NYC, and with some of the lowest test scores and graduation rates in the nation ... THIS is because parents are NOT "privately" engaged in their kids' education. In most cases it amounts to per student, at the very least, the cost of one semester at a decent state college. When you factor in a lot of those children/students are recipients of various entitlement programs we are talking roughly a year's wages of government money per child (collected from taxpaying citizens) in any-given big city where a large percentage of these kids ARE basically 'community' property (because parents are NOT "privately engaged in responsibility or give-a-damn about their kids' lives) through said entitlements, public school (with breakfast/lunch/dinner/after school programs) nannies, and are left pretty much on their own to raise themselves (most times on the streets) with the help of the local police doing as much as they can ... These are cities that, historically, have been run by democrats (and unions) for generation after generation with the very same socialist ideology and agenda you are trying to insist we all need to live by.

    No, Mz. Harris-Perry. Hell no. What don't you friggin' understand about "Your democrat/progressive/liberal/leftist/socialist experiments have failed"? Just look at your petri dishes ... Cleveland, Chicago, Washington DC, Detroit, NYC!

    • drillanwr

      I am so sick of hearing how we haven't "invested" (spent tax dollars) enough on our children's education, and somwehow we should be shamed into pumping more money into an already failed system.

      I said in one of my previous posts on the MSNBC dolt's network promo that the public education system is far more 'broken' than our financial system, healthcare system, infrastructure, and even our election system. Hell, even more broken than our immigration system, if you will.

      The dirty little fact is that the union mentality in this country has squashed most everything it touches, and then consumes ... and our public education system is the worst failed product any union has ever put out the assembly line doors. You can return a car or a garment if it's defective ... Where do kids go when their basic education factory has failed to give them even the raw skills by wich to grow into a producting and contributing member of this much heralded "community" people such as Mz. Harris-Perry values?

      Two important videos to offer here...

      (2009) at a teachers' union assembly NEA General Counsel Bob Chanin spills the proverbial beans saying it's Money & Power, not Education that's important to their union.

      The second was taken at a townhall where ObamaCare was being discussed (2009). A Marine Corp vet and dad states, to Congressman Brian Baird, what every person in this country SHOULD be saying to the government at all levels ... "Stay away from my kids!":