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  • asombra: Those guard costumes, er, uniforms keep getting tackier, but the hats are a hoot. Of course, they have to be RED. Heaven forbid...

  • asombra: Now, now; I expect he likes guava pastelitos, or is ready to claim he does, which of course makes him OK. Seriously, if Reno was...

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“Government Has Until Monday to Come Clean, or The Blaze Will Expose.” – Glenn Beck Declares War

2 comments to “Government Has Until Monday to Come Clean, or The Blaze Will Expose.” – Glenn Beck Declares War

  • theCardinal

    we must punish, we must root out the evil but to say that the fate of our very civilization hinges on the actions of 2 half-assed terrorists is a bit hyperbole or just flat out insanity. I have a prediction. America will survive this...just a hunch.

  • He doesn't make a statement even closely resembling what you just posted.

    In fact, he's doesn't actually talk about the two terrorists at all.

    Perhaps, you should listen to what he said, or read the transcript here.