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The Cubanization of Venezuela: Threatening the opposition with imprisonment

The Chavista dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro continues the total and complete Cubanization of Venezuela. The latest Castro regime tactic being employed by the illegitimate Maduro government is to threaten opposition leader and the actual winner of the recent presidential elections, Henrique Capriles, with imprisonment and hard labor for daring to expose and challenge the corruption and repression of the country's ruling dictatorship. This in addition to the vile tactic of vicious smears and personal attacks.

Via Globovision (my translation):

Minister Varela claims she has prepared a prison cell for Capriles to rid him of his 'fascist thoughts'

In a press conference, the Minister of Prisons, Iris Varela, announced the unveiling of a national effort throughout the country to demonstrate "the proof and evidence of the plots" by some individuals unhappy with the government, especially after the results of the presidential elections on April 14th.

"As of today, militants of the revolutionary process and workers of this ministry will take action. We are going to expose this out of control fascism in forums, videos, and press conferences," she stated.

"I am preparing a jail cell where you are going to have to go to be purged of your crimes because you are a fascist and you are an assassin," claimed Varela.

Varela accused Henrique Capriles of the violence that took place during the days leading up to the election and labeled him a "negative leader." "The prison cell that awaits you, Capriles, will not be like the one we inherited in 1998; these are prisons where you have to work. Let's see if we don't rid you of those fascist thoughts."

She added that she expected that in prison, they would be able to submit Capriles to a rehabilitation program because, she said, "you have an addiction and you know it."

"Stop using narcotics, stop taking drugs because they are taking you down the wrong path," the minister declared in a statement where she appeared angry and at times, screaming.

The minister made clear that there would not be another presidential election in Venezuela as Capriles had called for days earlier.

View video of the press conference HERE.

1 comment to The Cubanization of Venezuela: Threatening the opposition with imprisonment

  • asombra

    She looks and sounds perfect for her job, which is not a compliment. Classic chusma, the kind that so often wound up heading a CDR in Cuba.