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Cuban regime medicare fraud money launderer sentenced to 4 years in prison

Oscar Sanchez, a Cuban American and Florida resident who laundered millions of dollars in Medicare fraud proceeds that were transferred to banks in Cuba controlled by the Castro dictatorship was sentenced to four years in prison for his role in the scam. The Castro dictatorship has long been suspected of devising and carrying out Medicare fraud schemes in the U.S., which have netted the criminal regime in Havana millions of dollars deposited into their banks.

Jay Weaver reports in The Miami Herald:

Florida man behind Medicare money-laundering transfers to Cuba sentenced to 4 years

<p>Oscar Sanchez</p>
<p>Last summer, Miami prosecutors made a splash when they charged Oscar L. Sanchez, owner of a Naples check-cashing store, with laundering millions of Medicare dollars that wound up in Cuba.

His case marked the first time that authorities traced fleeced U.S. healthcare proceeds to Cuba’s state-controlled bank.

On Thursday, without fanfare, the now-convicted “financier for fraudsters’’ was sentenced to 4½ years in prison by a Miami federal judge.

Sanchez, 47, was also ordered to serve an additional year of home confinement, turn over about a half-million dollars in assets to the U.S. government and perform 1,600 hours of community service. He must surrender on June 15 to start his prison term.


Through Sanchez’s cooperation, prosecutors discovered that an offshore remittance company called Caribbean Transfers financed the complex money-laundering ring that moved more than $30 million in stolen Medicare money from South Florida into Cuba’s banking system.

Read the entire story HERE.

Read more here:

3 comments to Cuban regime medicare fraud money launderer sentenced to 4 years in prison

  • antonio2009

    On the four year sentence, he will max it out in three years. Not much of a sentence, if he does not flee to Cuba like Fernando Fuentes Cobas did on just a one-year sentence.

  • asombra

    Looks vaguely mafioso. You know, like Saladrigas.

  • asombra

    Community service? Like working at a nursing home? You want this guy looking after your grandma? Sheesh.