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  • Humberto Fontova: “The embargo of Cuba is the stupidest law ever passed in the U.S.” (Jimmy Carter, 2002.) And yet President Jimmy Carter...

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  • Honey: Yes, but at least Carter got us Reagan. I am fearful that we might not be so lucky this time. Cruz, Jindall, Fiorina, Walker,...

  • Honey: Yes, at least Carter got us Reagan. I am fearful that we might not be so lucky this time. Cruz, Jindall, Fiorina, Walker, Rubio...

  • asombra: This is nothing. Just wait for the papal visit circus.

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Facebook Meme-tastic: The MSM’s Terrorist Quandary


Pretty much says it all...

Meme HT: Ex-Army Blogspot

The MSM's Boston terrorists excuse(s) in a nutshell: Joan Walsh Defends Biden’s ‘Knock-Off Jihadi’ Remark: Suspects Also Products Of ‘American Alienation’

14 comments to Facebook Meme-tastic: The MSM’s Terrorist Quandary

  • asombra

    Right. And Biden and Obama are products of American voter stupidity. Works for me.

  • asombra

    Any resemblance between Matthews and an ugly albino baby having a tantrum is purely coincidental.

  • FreedomForCuba

    "Biden and Obama are products of American voter stupidity."

    This wins the Best Statement Award posted anywhere within the web within the last 24 hours...

  • Honey

    Yes, asombra, I wish they would bring back the ability to edit our mistakes out.

  • Honey

    Okay I am going to write it wrong and see if I can edit it.

    It worked. I clicked on the box on the right with the diagonal arrow and fixed my errors.

  • asombra

    It is a pathetic country indeed where someone like Matthews can get any significant traction at all. I mean, the guy is like a bad caricature come to life. It's profoundly embarrassing that he is, at least technically, a player at the national level.

  • I was listening to Fox News on Sirius last week and Megyn Kelly was discussing the crazy statements made by the bombers' mother, and Alan Colmes spent the entire segment defending her by excusing her accusations about her kids being "set up" and the blood on the sidewalk being red paint as the emotional rtamblings of a mother faced with what's happened to her sons.

    Colmes has more sympathy for the bomber's Mom than any liberal ever expressed for Adam Lanza's mother.

  • asombra

    Luis, Colmes gets paid (probably well) to say stuff like that, plus he gets to be a "name" of sorts. His shtick is his job. My problem is not with what he does, but with the fact that somebody makes it profitable for him. If you enable shit, you encourage it, promote it and maintain it. There's an awful lot of that going on.

    • Colmes is a self-created parody. On the old Hannity and Colmes he was unwatchable. More so today.

      He is so liberal and so progressive that it makes me wonder, as Asombra stated above, if it's not all schtick. If it's not, then he is one colossally stupid individual.

  • drillanwr

    Her sons were/are adults.
    If they weren't feeling comfortable in the USA with everyone's freedom they could've moved back to where they came from. We owe/owed them nothing. They'd already been sucking welfare off our taxes. The younger jerk got a few thousand dollars for school that another needy student could've and would've used constructively.

    The mother can kiss my ass.
    So can Colmes.

  • asombra

    Maggie, some things are so ludicrous (not to say full of shit) they're beneath refuting. But as I told Luis, don't blame Colmes. He gets paid to be an asshole, and trust me, if someone's already an asshole AND he can get paid for it, well, you can do the math.

  • asombra

    George, you could say the same about Matthews and others. If the shit pays, the shit plays.