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Princess Mariela steps up her charm offensive….

....and she also continues to be offensive....

See below for her latest campaign:  a dance party in hell, to distract the mainstream media from all the arrests, beatings, tortures, and murders that are the hallmark of Cuban society.

It's not homophobia that's the big problem in Cuba, but misanthropy: a deep-seated and institutionalized hatred of individuality and of the true nature of human beings.  Free thought.  Free will.  Those two essential human rights are loathed by her clan.

Insanely enough, it is her own father and uncle who are responsible for turning Cuba into a living hell.  Yet, enamored as the world press is of the Castro dynasty, they can't ever bring themselves to call the tyrants anything other than "president" or "leader."

Go dance with the devil, Mariela, you succubus.....


From Pink News, in Europe:

Fidel Castro’s niece calls for a conga dance to eliminate homophobia

Cuban leader Raul Castro’s daughter, Mariela Castro, who campaigns on LGBT rights, has called on Cubans to join a “conga” dance against homophobia tomorrow in Havana.

“We are the heirs of a strongly patriarchal Spanish culture, very homophobic and very discriminating,” Mariela Castro, the niece of Fidel Castro, told the Granma newspaper. “It’s time these prejudices were eliminated.”

The dance that she referred to is part of a 10 day series of events in the country that run until the 18th May 2013.

The country made being gay legal in 1979 and has a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

Ms Castro, was last month given the go-ahead to attend an LGBT conference in the US, where she will receive an award for her contributions to gay rights, after initially being barred from travelling within the US.

5 comments to Princess Mariela steps up her charm offensive….

  • Rayarena

    "We are the heirs of a strongly patriarchal Spanish culture"

    Someone should ask Mariela, if homophobia in Cuba is only due to our patriarchal Spanish culture, then how come the mother country--Spain-- has not only legalized gay marriages, but has become a world leader in gay rights? Reason should follow that a nation that has been under the progressive, egalitarian, humanistic, benevolent government of the castro brothers for 54 years now should have shaken off this horrible legacy decades ago. Didn't castro's wonderful government do away with bougeoise moral? Homophobia is after all a bougeoise moral, isn't it? By the way, wasn't Spain under the horrible, facistic dictatorship of Franco [who was worst than Pinochet] up until the 1975? That is to say, Cuba got rid of its "rightwinged" dictator back in 1959, so that we should have had a headstart over Spain in ridding the country of homophobia, yet we haven't. Why? Things that make you go, hmmmm...

  • asombra

    And yet, there's no shortage of gays willing to dance along with her and all she stands for (which is by no means limited to public displays of cross-dressing).

  • asombra

    Carlos, you sexist pig. You give credit, of sorts, to Mariela's uncle and father, but say nothing about her mother, the late and unlamented Vilma (consider her name a Freudian slip). She was a Cuban version of Hillary Clinton (who knew and liked her). Just like Hillary, she was a classic faux feminist who owed everything to marrying "well." She was also a faux proletarian with haute bourgeoisie tastes and lifestyle. Vilma is widely believed to have tipped off Batista's police to the whereabouts of anti-Batista and anti-communist underground leader Frank País, causing his death, because he was too much of a threat to Fidel's plans. In other words, Mariela is not just a Castro creature, but also her mother's daughter.

  • asombra

    Mariela is totally against discrimination--except against anyone that opposes or interferes with the family business, which happens to be totalitarian dictatorship and all that goes with it. Let's give her another human rights prize, shall we? I mean, if we don't do it, somebody else will--and you can bet on it.

  • asombra

    Mariela's drag queens aren't camp. Just camp followers. Ugh.