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Yet More Tourists Swarming to Cuba


Ok so the UN made some Human Rights declaration or other regarding Cuba...blah...blah. OK so the EU did the same (some "Common Position" bullshit?)...blah...blah...Fine. But here's what counts:

During the past year Cuba opened 8 new hotels increasing its tourist habitations by 60,552. They plan to open another four major hotels this year.

entire thing in Spanish here.

When all is said and done: Aqui lo que cuenta es el CASH!

And that tourist cash just keeps pouring into regime coffers. (As Yoani Sanchez favors.)

(Pero sera posible?!...sera POSIBLE que ahora que al fin se habia acabado todo el alboroto y jodienda sobre la Sanchez?--AHORA este Fontova empieza otra VEZ!..pero que tipo mas INSOPORTABLE!!!)

(Speculation: Would a President Rubio or Cruz be the one to finally sign-off on Article III of Helms Burton and finally put the screws to Gaviota?)


"NO!..PLEASE! Not Section III--I PRAY NOT!"

6 comments to Yet More Tourists Swarming to Cuba

  • asombra

    That top photo is seriously repulsive. And no, the lecherous old farts don't care.

  • antonio2009

    What? President Bush spent eight years in the White House and never enforced Title III of the Helms-Burton Act like Clinton and Obama? I am shocked, shocked that a Republican would have the same Cuba policy as a Democrat!

  • Tony, a pox on both their houses...

  • raddoc

    @asombra-that picture is repulsive; more repulsive is my knowing a 65+yo american doctor who visited Cuba a few years back and got himself a 25yo Cuban doctor as his "girlfriend"--the idiot really didn't see what was happening and thought the young woman was crazy about him during that week...

  • asombra

    "Oooh, papi, gray hair is so sexy, just like sagging flesh!" And yes, the geriatric vultures eat it right up, or don't care it's all lies as long as they get fresh meat. Is this progress or what? Vamos bien.

  • Gallardo

    Bush did nothing but provide lip service and serve Israel like a tool. Under his watch, the communists and the Castro handpicked continued to come into Miami through the big door (while balseros were returned) and the "exiles" were slightly restrained on the number of times they could go back, nothing more.

    As for President Rubio, I don't see that happening. As for Cruz, he has better chances for he is more substantial and defined but what are the chances of any Republican winning again the presidency with Mexicans now deciding the political destiny of USA.