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  • Rayarena: Interesting how any time that anything potentially embarrassing happens in Cuba, the regime comes up with some fluff event...

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  • asombra: Whenever I see a Czech gesture like this, I reflexively ask why Spain isn’t doing it. We all know the answer, but it...

  • asombra: Good for Cruz, but it’s a no-win situation. His response will simply be twisted to make him look bad anyway. The game is...

  • asombra: I was traumatized by not having chewing gum or cheese as a child in Cuba. That means gum and cheese have to be banned, right?

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Babalu Booth Exclusive at Cuba Nostalgia

Some HATE it!!!

"Humberto Fontova's books shamelessly libel our Revolution's founders! The terms "scoundrel!" and "traitor!" should precede every mention of Humberto Fontova!" (Cuban Communist Party press organ Cubadebate April, 17, 2010)


Some LOVE it!!!


Whatever...some advance copies will be available (exclusively) at Babalu's booth this week-end at Cuba Nostalgia (many thanks to publishers Encounter for the frantic rush job on special order book wont be in stores until August.

See ya this week-end, amigos!

4 comments to Babalu Booth Exclusive at Cuba Nostalgia