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The Cubanization of Venezuela: Cuban State Security running Venezuela

More on the bombshell audio of Cuban State Security official Lt. Col. Aramis Palacios speaking with official Chavista propagandist Mario Silva, which serves to further implicate the Cuban government in the manipulation and control of the Venezuelan government.

Via the AP in ABC News:

Venezuela Opposition: Audio Suggests Cuba Meddling

Venezuela's opposition has released an audio recording that it said contains a prominent member of the ruling party discussing political strategy with a Cuban intelligence officer.

Opposition lawmaker Ismael Garcia said Monday that the recording captures a phone conversation between state TV personality Mario Silva, a staunch government ally, and a Cuban identified as Lt. Col. Aramis Palacios.

Venezuela's opposition has long accused Cuban leaders of wielding influence behind the scenes in guiding government decisions. For its part, the Venezuelan government accuses opposition leader Henrique Capriles of being a puppet of the U.S.

At a news conference, Garcia didn't say when the conversation was recorded or how he obtained it.

In it, a man identified as Silva is heard discussing a split in the ruling socialist party between parliament leader Diosdado Cabello and President Nicolas Maduro, the late President Hugo Chavez's successor.

Venezuela Politics.JPEG

The man says he worries that Cabello, a former army officer, is conspiring against the president, who narrowly defeated Capriles in an April 14 election that the opposition refuses to accept, claiming fraud. For example, the voice says, Maduro's opponents in the party want to remove Defense Minister Diego Molero.

"Why do they want to remove him, Palacios? To be able to take the armed forces and put pressure on Maduro or to behave as they please or to pull a coup d'etat," the man says.

Silva dismissed the recording on Twitter as a "montage" and suggested U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies were behind it. In a statement later Monday, he insisted that the recording was "absolutely false," and pledged his support to both Maduro and Cabello.

Cabello also dismissed the recording, calling on the opposition to present real evidence, "not a show."

Cuban authorities did not immediately respond to a request for reaction or information about Palacios.

Continue reading HERE.

2 comments to The Cubanization of Venezuela: Cuban State Security running Venezuela

  • asombra

    Look, this could never happen in Venezuela. All the Venezuelans said so when Cubans tried to warn them before it was too late.

  • FreedomForCuba

    Exactly asombra!
    Y ahora es que se caen de la mata?
    Eso se lo dijimos que iba a pasar hace 15 anos...


    Now they (Venezuelans) realize this?
    We told them this was going to happen fifteen years ago...

    I wish I could pity the Venezuelans, but it is obvious they have become a victim of their own stupid Latrine nationalistic pride...

    I'll respect them when I see them finally revolting, fighting for their freedom and overthrowing the Chavistas from power.