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Cubans still throw themselves into the sea to escape ‘reforms’ of Cuba’s dictatorship

For "Cuba Experts," Castro sycophants, and supporters of the Cuban dictatorship here in the U.S., the "reforms" of dictator Raul Castro are nothing short of marvelous. For actual Cubans, however, throwing yourself into the shark-infested waters of the Florida Straits in an attempt to escape those "reforms" is still a viable option.

Via The Miami Herald:

7 migrants returned to Cuba by U.S. Coast Guard

Seven Cuban migrants have been returned to Bahia de Cabañas, Cuba, after arriving off the Keys.

The Cuban migrants arrived May 18 east of Card Sound Bridge in a rustic boat that was taking on water, the U.S. Coast Guard said. A Coast Guard Air Miami helicopter and Coast Guard Station Islamorada boat crew responded to the scene after getting a call from a passerby.

The migrants were removed from the boat and given food, water, shelter and basic medical attention.

Under U.S. law, Cubans who are intercepted in the sea are usually returned to Cuba. Those who made it on dry land are permitted to stay.

“Migrants who travel aboard ill-equipped vessels or smuggled aboard go-fast boats are putting their lives at extreme risk, said Rear Adm. William Baumgartner, Seventh Coast Guard District commander. “Our migrant interdiction patrols help save lives by deterring dangerous illegal migrant activity and removing migrants from unsafe environments.”

They were escorted back to Cuba Wednesday afternoon in the Coast Guard Cutter William Flores, a 154-foot Miami-based fast response cutter.

The seven were part of the 573 Cuban migrants returned to Cuba by the Coast Guard nationwide since the start of the fiscal year on Oct. 1. Most of the migrants are sent back from Miami.

3 comments to Cubans still throw themselves into the sea to escape ‘reforms’ of Cuba’s dictatorship

  • Gallardo

    It's all about "saving lives". Yes, the same way strategically placed speeding cameras are about "safety" and cigarette taxes keenly aware of equilibrium pricing are about "health".

    Meanwhile thousands selected by Castro Inc., with qualifications and characteristics we all know well, are received through the big door every year...

  • Lynx

    Listen "commander",, those Cubans are at a bigger risk in Cuba, than in the Florida Straits in 'ill equipped boats" , not everyone has a taxpayer provided boat like you

  • asombra

    Michael Moore is appalling, I mean appalled. Such ingratitude! Fleeing free healthcare! The nerve!