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Widow and children of assassinated Cuban dissident, Oswald Paya, take political refuge in U.S.

Ofelia Acevedo Maura, the widow of Oswaldo Paya, a Cuban dissident and leader of Cuba's Christian Liberation Movement (MCL) who was assassinated by Castro State Security agents last year, has taken political refuge in the United States along with several members of the family. According to the family, the threats, harassment, and the constant surveillance they are subjected to by the Castro dictatorship on a daily basis has become overwhelming and they are fearing for their safety and lives.

Via MCL's website (my translation):

339523_4118725443049_569629045_oThis past Thursday, June 6th, Mrs. Ofelia Acevedo Maura, widow of Oswaldo Paya and founding member of the Coordinating Council of the Christian Liberation Movement arrived in Miami. She was accompanied by her daughter Rosa Maria, also a member of the Coordinating Council of MCL, her young son Reinaldo, and other members of the family.

The Christian Liberation Movement is not abandoning the genuine petitions of the people, and for that reason, along with our brothers, we call for a discourse among the people that can start a true transition.

With love we work on the proposal put forth by the opposition group known as The People's Path that expresses the common objectives of the Cuban democracy movement. It is the road map toward human rights that prevents fraudulent changes from keeping the reality hidden  and offers authentic steps that will bring liberty and prosperity to our country, including everyone and for the good of everyone.

From inside and outside the island, we will continue taking action to start an international independent investigation that will publicly expose the truth behind the deaths of Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero.

We invite all people of good will to promote and support these petitions.

We are all Cubans, we are all brothers, and we want Liberty now!

The Christian Liberation Movement,

June 8, 2013

Ofelia Acevedo Maura
Juan Felipe Medina
Andrés Adolis Chacón Aroche
Eduardo Cardet Concepción
Carlos Alberto Payá Sardiñas
Tony Díaz Sánchez
Regis Iglesias Ramírez
Julio Hernández
Francisco de Armas
Ernesto Martini Fonseca
Rosa María Payá Acevedo
Narviel Hernández Moya

3 comments to Widow and children of assassinated Cuban dissident, Oswald Paya, take political refuge in U.S.

  • Rayarena

    This has been the regime's modus operandi since 1959. It forcibily exiles dissidents [sometimes with the help of the church as in the case of those dissidents that were sent to Spain]. Once in exile, the dissidents become non-factors. What little interest some members of the media had in them, what little coverage they once received, disolves and the road is then open for the "Cuban specialists" to then say that there is no resistance movement inside Cuba, or that there are just a handful of dissidents inside Cuba.

    By the way, i've heard that the lastest "reform" inside Cuba might be a legalized opposition movement inside the Cuban parliment. That is to say, hand-picked government apparachiks posing as dissidents.

  • maristas60

    And that's what an oppressive regime does. Terrorize you until you either conform to their wishes, leave the country or in their patriarchs case killed. Sad choices.
    Welcome to elixe and best wishes. We know how you feel.

  • [...] Widow and children of assassinated Cuban dissident, Oswald Paya, take political refuge in U.S. [...]