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Canadian child molester found guilty of sex crimes on Cuban children

Spending the rest of his life in prison is not sufficient punishment for this despicable Canadian who frequently traveled to Cuba to molest and sexually abuse Cuban children as young as three. But this monster is only a symptom of this vile disease. The real disease is the Castro dictatorship that has created an enslaved society where atrocities such as this are more the rule than the exception.

Via Toronto's The Star:

Toronto man, 78, guilty of sex crimes against children in Cuba

On Friday, James McTurk of Toronto became the first Canadian convicted of sex crimes committed against children in Cuba.

James McTurk, 78, pleaded guilty to child sex tourism charges in a Toronto court Friday.

After a Crown lawyer finished reciting the list of grotesque sexual offences James McTurk committed against Cuban girls as young as 3, the 78-year-old man was handcuffed and taken back to jail where he could spend the rest of his life.

McTurk, with close cropped hair and wearing a Canadian Legion jacket, had moments earlier uttered the word that Toronto police investigators have been waiting to hear since they arrested him last summer: “Guilty.”

On Friday, McTurk became the first Canadian convicted of sex crimes committed against children in Cuba, admitting to one count of making child pornography, another of importing child pornography, three counts of sexual interference involving touching young girls with his mouth, hands and penis, and a final count of invitation to sexual touching.

Prosecutors are now considering seeking a dangerous offender order against McTurk — a move which could see various restrictions placed on him, including keeping him behind bars for the rest of his life.

Continue reading HERE.

5 comments to Canadian child molester found guilty of sex crimes on Cuban children

  • Gallardo

    Granted, the arrest was done by Canadians and in Canada. Are we to think the parasitical scum of the Castro's government did not know what was taking place (and continues to take place) inside the policed state?

  • asombra

    At least some of the children this creep molested were probably pimped out by their own family, which is in keeping with the generalized degradation of the Cuban people by the wonderful Castro socioeconomic system.

  • OmarD

    i get the feeling that this case is but a mere glimpse of of this depraved reality. This is just one creep they caught, who's been at it for years. I shudder to think of the many others who haven't and never will.

  • asombra

    Even apart from children being abused, the degree on which prostitution is being practiced in Cuba, as it has been for years, is way, WAY beyond anything even dreamt of in pre-Castro Cuba, in which the current extent of prostitution would have been simply inconceivable. This obviously contradicts all the moralistic posturing the "revolution" indulged in for years, until it became impossible to keep up the appearance of supposed righteousness. At that point, the regime simply took the cynical stance that at least Cuban prostitutes tended to be well educated, as if trying to joke its way out of the disgrace it had fostered.

  • Based on what the regime has been promoting on the film tours, and from just the visuals of one regime sponsored film I sat through, "La Bestia" one would imagine that Cuba is the THE travel destination for those perverts seeking a place where anything, really, anything they desire can happen--if you bring enough money. It is sickening.