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Lexington Institute ( where Cuba “expert” Phil Peters serves as V. Pres.) thunders for regime-change!–for U.S. armed intervention to topple DICTATOR!

Above: Officers of The Lexington Institute--outraged and scandalized by the existence of a dictatorship!--deploy to Syria

From Phil Peters' colleague and co-Vice President over at the Lexington Institute.

It is difficult to believe that anyone could view Pablo Picasso's great painting Guernica and not be moved. It is not just that the painting is great art. Perhaps more important still, it is a clear declaration to all who see it of the consequences of failing to oppose evil....Western democracies faced political and military issues in their choice of responses to the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s which were quite similar to those which the Obama Administration has faced over intervention in the Syrian civil war...If today's announcement (of massive U.S. aid to Syrian rebels) is any indication, Obama has correctly seen and responded to his Guernica.

But then as revealed five years ago:

...almost all funding for...the non-profit...Lexington Institute, comes from the same defense contractors who frequently have a stake in the programs that (the Lexington Institute advocates) writes about.

Might those Defense Contractors have some "inventory" of potential use in Syria?

And oh...lest we forget, topping the The Lexington Institute's bucket list is battling every penny spent by USAID against a dictatorship 90 miles from US shores.


1 comment to Lexington Institute ( where Cuba “expert” Phil Peters serves as V. Pres.) thunders for regime-change!–for U.S. armed intervention to topple DICTATOR!

  • asombra

    It occurs to me that steroid musculature is like fake breasts that look like basketballs glued to a woman's chest. I mean, if it's obviously a chemical or surgical trick, what does that say about people who fall for it?